Frederic Malle Rose Tonnerre
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Frederic Malle Rose Tonnerre Becomes Une Rose’s Successor

In December of 2021, Frederic Malle renamed his 2003 release, Une Rose. The fragrance is now titled Rose Tonnerre. The scent was conceptualized by Edouard Fléchier, who took inspiration from a luxurious ingredient in the culinary world.

“He came to see me one day and said he’d been working on the scent of truffles … We smelled it together, we found that it shares common elements with patchouli, vetiver and all those earthy smells,” explained Frederic Malle on his companies YouTube channel.

Frederic Malle and Flechier discuss Rose Tonnerre

Fléchier then paired the unique ingredient with Rose, saying that it was a “risky gamble”. The gamble would pay off as now 18 years later, the fragrance is still thriving, often looked upon as a premier Rose-based scent.

Frederic Malle Rose Tonnerre
Frederic Malle Rose Tonnerre

Frederic Malle Rose Tonnerre has a single line of official notes. The breakdown begins with florals: Rose, Geranium and Pelargonium. Then come the damp, dense notes of Truffle, Woods and Musk. Finally, Red Wine, Honey and Fruity Notes round the fragrance out.

The fragrance is currently available in a 30, 50 or 100ml sized bottle ranging from $200 – $395 USD. Frederic Malle also offers the fragrance in a 3 X 10 ml, travel size.

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