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Uncut Gem: A long-awaited collaboration by Frederic malle and Maurice Roucel

Frederic Malle has been cooking up a new fragrance for their longtime fans and the house has finally decided to reveal their latest contribution to this ever-growing industry. After five years of persuasion, the house managed to launch a collaboration project with Maurice Roucel to come up with a new invigorating fragrance that is sure to appeal a lot to the classic male type. The new fragrance is called Uncut Gem.

uncut gem
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Frederic Malle describes this perfume as an “in-your-face” cologne as he wanted it to be too obvious. The philosophy behind its creation lies in how Malle wanted to create a scent that paints an image of rugged manliness since most trends tend to lean towards a more feminine side for men’s perfumes.

Malle has always admired the unique signature scents that Roucel creates in his own lab. He was fascinated by Roucel’s seemingly rough around-the-edges work but filled with intellectual charm. Malle was set to add his refined touch to Roucel’s personal effort and come up with something exceptional; something chic and complex like all other Malle creations but with artistic freedom given to Roucel.

uncut gem frederic malle
uncut gem Frederic Malle

“There was something not only cool, technically – especially that mad overdose of ambrocenide – but completely irresistible,” says Malle. “With a lot of fresh naturals and musk, it was not only magnetic but chic.” Clear spicy top notes of ginger, bergamot, mandarin, angelica root and nutmeg lead you to the fire within a leathery accord, vetiver, frankincense, generous amounts of amber, and musk that vibrates with the skin. A muscular corollary, in a sense, to the classic Musc Ravageur.

The result is both straightforward and enigmatic: raw sex appeal gives way to a lingering subtlety. The result somehow renders the smell of skin deeper, warmer, and cleaner. Uncut Gem is a study in contrasts. It’s rugged and sensitive, classic and fresh, first impression and haunting echo.”

uncut gem frederic malle
uncut gem Frederic Malle

Top Notes: Ginger, Bergamot, Mandarin, Angelica root, Nutmeg 

Middle Notes: Leather, Vetiver, Olibanum

Base Notes: Amber, Musk

Uncut Gem is a Woody Aromatic Musk fragrance that features top notes of Ginger, Bergamot, Mandarin, Angelica root and Nutmeg, followed by heart notes of  Leather, Vetiver and Olibanum, and base notes of Amber and Musk.

Frederic Malle Uncut Gem will be available starting from September on the official website.

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