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French Montana Collaborates with Kilian Paris To Put a Spin on Angels’ Share

Rap artist French Montana and Kilian Paris have recently collaborated on a redesign of Angels’ Share. The “No Stylist” rapper put his own twist on the cult classic, embodying his love for expensive jewellery and Hennessy. 

The collaboration between the pair seems to be a match made in heaven. “Music drives all good nightlife, just like perfume—invisible vibes that uplift a party,” says the official Kilian website. “Angels’ Share feat French Montana is the expression of this affinity between hip-hop culture and cognac.” 

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Kilian Paris and french Montana collaporation

The rebottling of Angels’ Share features a cap that resembles an LP record in gold, with four chains interlocking in a circular pattern. The innermost chain, being a Cuban, specifically was chosen for Montana as he is prominently seen wearing the Miami-based design. 

On the front of the bottle, French Montana’s name is written out below the fragrances title and company name. The rest of the bottle maintains the classic Kilian styling, designed to mimic crystal glassware that is used for cognac. 

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Kilian Paris angels share with French Montana

The fragrance itself appears to remain the same as its original formulation, utilizing Cognac and Oakwood as the central notes. Although, a Hazelnut note was introduced into the collaborative bottle. The fragrance is widely enjoyed as it has a distinct, prominent boozy note. 

In an interview with People magazine, Hennessy explains the distillation process for cognac, which eventually helped name the fragrance. 

“So cognac is a blend of eau de vie, and it ages in oak barrels. Those oak barrels are not fully sealed, in the sense that there is an evaporation that is coming out. So every year, we have to refill those oak barrels with more eau de vie, so it always stays full. At the House of Hennessy, we call this natural evaporation of alcohol share for the angels. And that’s how the name Angels’ Share came up.”

By Kilian Angels Share French Montana
Kilian Paris Angels Share

As per the Kilian Paris website, Angels’ Share is devised of merely five notes. Cinnamon and Tonka bean accompany Cognac, Oak absolute and Hazelnut to blend a marvellous fragrance. The scent is intoxicating due to the very real and distinguishable cognac note.

If you’re a lover of rap music or one who reaches for a bottle of Hennessy on a night out, this fragrance is for you. Along with its gourmand sweetness, the boozy accord is hard to top. The use of Cinnamon is done extremely well and plays spectacularly with the main Cognac note.

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