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Frites by Idaho: Smell Like Fries for the Small Price of $1.89

Limited to 10 bottles, Frites by Idaho is a fragrance that resembles the smell of French fries. Yes, you read that right … French fries. For just $1.89 USD, you can indulge yourself in a fragrance that bases itself on distilled Idaho potatoes. Currently, the house has 10 50ml bottles available for a giveaway on the company’s website.

Let’s be honest, the fragrance world needs more of these gimmicky scents. Within the fragrance community are so many different subsections that it’s getting hard to count. Inside these sections are those who gatekeep niche houses or on the other end of the spectrum, want everyone to share the same joy that they’ve found.

Frites by Idaho
Frites by Idaho

I personally love this release from Idaho! It’s ridiculous in so many ways and honestly quite funny. The house uses Idaho Potato essential oils. What do those smell like? No clue. Do I want to know? Of course, I do.

Nonetheless, the house released a few hundred bottles which subsequently sold out. The only chance you have to own this fragrance is to purchase it from a third party or enter the giveaway that is linked above. For everyone who has ever smelled the fryer at a McDonald’s and enjoyed it, I truly hope you get your hands on Frites by Idaho.

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