Ganymede extrait de parfum new fragrance for men and women
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Ganymede Extrait Marc Antoine Barrois: A Scent on Cosmic Proportion

Marc-Antoine Barrois has just released another masterpiece to add to their repertoire. Having enjoyed success with their previous launch of Ganymede Eau de Parfum back in 2019, the house made it their mission to deliver the same innovative formula with the brilliant Quentin Bisch behind the helm once again, but this time, they wanted to create a much more intense interpretation of it. This became a reality with the very recent release of Ganymede Extrait, which is available on their official website.

Ganymede extrait the new fragrance for women and men

The main inspiration behind the concept of this fragrance is, as the name suggests, Ganymede, Jupiter’s icy moon and the largest in our solar system. Bisch wanted to think on a larger scale for this release. According to the perfumer, Ganymede is full of craters and has a sprawling, underground ocean that is grander than all of Earth’s oceans put together, as well as awe-inspiring velvet dunes. This grandiosity and otherworldliness was exactly what the master perfumer needed to expand on the note composition, the limitless aromatic possibilities.

marc antoine barrois ganymede extrait

Ganymede Extrait is a wild beauty with endless charm and seduction with a warm and spicy smell of flowers inspired by that alien atmosphere and the sand gusts carried away by the breeze. This picturesque scenery is encapsulated in a blend full of interesting notes like Immortelle, Frankincense, Myrrh, Safraleine, Akigalawood, and Mandarin, which brings about this mineral touch as well as a sense of freshness.

Ganymede extrait the new fragrance for women and men

Ganymede Extrait de Parfum is currently available on Marc Antoine Barrois’s official website in 50 ml.