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Gentle Fluidity Gold: An in-depth review of an iconic fragrance

I genuinely believe that Francis Kurkidjian is a magician of some sorts, and every creation that he has come up with has some enchanting power to engulf the senses. Having created many iconic fragrances for a number of global brands, the maestro decided to establish his own brand. He knew from the get-go that his aim was to solidify his brand for the future and leave a legacy behind him through a number of brilliant perfumes that the world will remember him for.

Gentle Fluidity Gold
Gentle Fluidity Gold

This article will tackle one of the most excellent-smelling vanilla perfumes which I have encountered on my fragrance journey. I could have picked any fragrance from Maison Francis Kurkidjan‘s since I hadn’t smelled any of their perfumes that didn’t grab my attention. Nevertheless, the one that truly speaks to me on a personal level is Gentle Fluidity Gold.

Gentle Fluidity Gold
Gentle Fluidity Gold

Gentle Fluidity Gold may come off as a generic vanilla fragrance. Yet, if you meticulously smell and give it some time to understand the beauty of this enticing vanilla beauty, you will realise that it’s more than just a fragrance; it will add comfort to your busy routine and chaotic life. From the outset, the scent had a dual nature, with transparency and lightness on one side and warmth and resinous glory on the other.

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“Gentle Fluidity’s (Gold) generous, enveloping trail, we can find coriander seed essence and an overdose of musks and vanilla. The floral, spicy note of coriander seeds brings, like musks, ethereal volume and a lingering trail. In the base notes, the gourmand, reassuring notes of the vanilla accord enhanced by the ambery woods reveal a radiant, bright silhouette”.

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The moment you spray the fragrance, the whiff of fluffy vanilla and soft candy-like amber will fill up the air and indulge your senses. The sweet nuances from the sillage set up a smooth and creamy tonality that, in a later stage, joins some well-rounded, expensive woodsy base. The coriander lends a soft, sophisticated and peppery nuance in coordination with a fresh, balsamic and piney touch of juniper berries and swirls of nutmeg.

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Gentle Fluidity Gold has a charismatic vibe that makes it quite versatile. The pleasant emollient side makes it perfectly suitable for everyday wear, and the dense, syrupy side propounds the idea of it being a salubrious date night vanilla. Its Projection is within arm’s length, with quite decent and lasting power. The fragrance can be layered with other fragrances to intensify the vanilla quotient; I love to mix it with Grand Soir by the same house and Rolling in Love by Kilian. Overall, the experience of GFG (Gentle Fluidity Gold) is superbly fantastic, and it gets only better as the notes divulge and leave a warm sensation on your skin throughout the wear.

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