Stronger with you Oud
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Stronger with you Oud: An Exclusive New Fragrance by Giorgio Armani

Armani has proven over time their ability to cater for their fans of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds through different initiatives towards creating personalized perfumes. Back in 2019, the house introduced an eccentric perfume called Stronger with you Leather to their Stronger with you collection. That one highlighted the appeal of leather through a specific mixture of notes designed specifically for a Middle Eastern audience.

Stronger With You Oud
Stronger With You Oud

After the warm reception that Stronger with you Leather received, this year, Armani is pleased to announce a new addition to their diverse collection, exclusively again for the Middle East. The house announced Stronger with you Oud which is expected to reintroduce the same strong and sensual oriental vibes. This time, the perfume will highlight a woodsy aroma that stays true to oud’s signature scent.

Stronger With You Oud
Stronger With You Oud

Keynotes: Amber, Oud, Lavender and Vanilla

” A new Fougere ambery and woody fragrance that reinterprets the sensual signature of STRONGER WITH YOU and infuses it with a powerful, opulent, and woody oud. This precious ingredient blends with mysterious lavender and alluring vanilla for an evocative effect”

The fragrance comes packaged in an all-black bottle with golden stripes wrapped around it as well an all-golden cap, leaving a luxurious noir impression upon first glance.  Adding to the exotic flavour of the perfume, the word “oud” is written in Arabic in the center of the “o” in “you.”

Stronger With You Oud is available in 50ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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