Givenchy Burning Neroli for women under L'interdit collection
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L’Interdit Burning Neroli by Givenchy:  A Neroli Like Never Before!

Having enjoyed a great deal of success and hype thanks to last year’s reformulated Eau de Toilette and l’interdit Rouge, house Givenchy has just surprised their fan base with the launch of their newest addition to L’Interdit fragrance line, introducing L’Interdit Burning Neroli for women and it will be a limited edition release which can be found for sale on the official website.

Givenchy Burning Neroli New fragrance for women

Burning Neroli is a mesmerizing, woody and floral fragrance which arrives in Eau de Parfum, and so far, promises to have an exceptional take on that concentration thanks to the unique Neroli from Tunisia which is harvested solely for Givenchy and acts as the centerpiece of this formula. What adds more flavor to the composition is the iconic and the house’s signature ingredient, essential oil, extracted from Orange blossom from Nabeul, Tunisia. This oil is then transformed by heat of steam distillation process, resulting in that captivating and brilliant Neroli and allows all its facets to become prominent.

Givenchy Burning Neroli New fragrance for women

This radiant floral notes are made even more interesting thanks to the sweet accents of Patchouli from Indonesia and Vetiver. The blend helps the wearer assert her own individuality and uniqueness because of Givenchy’s convention defying approach to Burning Neroli, making this one of the most thrilling releases this year. L’Interdit Burning Neroli is not only groundbreaking in terms of its artistry, Givenchy Parfums are playing a social role with this release as the fragrance propagates the emancipation of Tunisian orange blossom pickers as well as improving their lives thanks to the house’s partnership with FACE Tunisia, a Tunisian NGO (non-governmental organization) in Nabeul.

L’interdit Burning Neroli by Givenchy is available on the official website in 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

Images Credit: Givenchy