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Goldfield & Banks: The Complete Buyers Guide

Goldfield & Banks is a niche perfume house based out of Australia. The company sent me their discovery set, plus a little bonus goodie, to test and review for our readers.

Goldfield & Banks tell us on the back of their information card that “Combining the science of Australia’s most authentic native essences with centuries of French expertise in the art of perfume making, our perfumes created by Dimitri Weber are a quest for the ultimate Australian olfactory experience.”

What you will find from the tone of this article and their fragrances is that their scents cultivate a very relaxed, mellow feeling. The house’s fragrances are natural and simple, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m a firm believer in having one great thing as opposed to 5 mediocre things. Goldfield & Banks incapsulate this mindset as they produce stellar fragrances within each olfactory category.

Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime
Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime

Bohemian Lime

Notes: Australian Finger Lime, Coriander, Haitian Vetiver, Australian Sandalwood and Moroccan Cedarwood

Longevity and Projection: 5 hours – Average

Goldfield & Banks describe Bohemian Lime as “Tropical and carefree,” and let me tell you, it is indeed. The fragrance begins with a Lime accord that tells you that it has arrived, but doesn’t scream in your face. It’s subtle and obviously supported by a woody background. 

Once the fragrance dries down, you’re met with a Lime accord that is pronounced above a ginger aroma and Cedarwood. The lime accord has a very balanced aroma, teetering between the rind of the citrus and the juice which comes out of it. The ginger note may also be described as one similar to lemongrass. That particular aroma reminds me of Thai curries.

Bohemian Lime incites a very warm, calming feeling internally. The ginger and lemongrass notes remind me of the warmth and comfort that I would feel when eating soup as a kid. While the Lime accord is refreshing and gives me a boost of energy.

Overall, Bohemian Lime is a strong contender for one of the best citrus-focused fragrances on the market. As well, it projected on my skin for about 5 hours, an impressive feat for a citrus scent.

Wood Infusions

Notes: Sweet Orange, Australian Exotic Woods, Agarwood, Australian Lavender, Indonesian Patchouli, Musk, Amber, and Italian Iris

Longevity and Projection: 7 hours – Average to Above Average

Wood infusions caught me by surprise upon first smell. I was expecting a very heavy, wood-dominant fragrance. Instead, Goldfield & Banks provided a sweet, refreshing take on Oud. I smell a very prominent Vanilla note but I attribute this to my minds association. 

Oud is often paired with notes that are on the sweeter side which produce a very resinous, almost syrupy sweetness. Wood Infusions provides me with this aroma as upon dry down, I begin to pick up on a candied mandarin accord. 

The fragrance is woody, with a strong Oud component and a musk note which lingers in the background. You also begin to smell the Iris which is very floral, adding to the sweetness that was mentioned above.

Wood Infusions is a scent that can be worn all year round as a dumb reach. From the resin-like sweetness to the fresh woods, this scent was blended to make everyone happy. 

Southern Bloom

Notes: Boronia Absolute from Tasmania, Indian Jasmine Sambac, French Cassis, Italian Iris, Indonesian Vetiver, Australian Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang and Coconut

Longevity and Projection: 6.5 hours – Above Average

Southern Bloom features one of the most expensive perfume materials in the world, Boronia. The note projects a green accord that is mixed with hay and earthiness. As well, the ingredient is known for having a citrus profile. 

The fragrance has a very fresh, woody smell with hints of floral and fruits. While some fragrances can be described as having resinous or gourmand characteristics, Southern Bloom projects a wax-like texture. The florals are somewhat dense yet the aroma itself is very delicate. 

Coconut and citrus beam off the top, although it dies down fairly quickly. In the long haul, you can expect Southern Bloom to be Iris and Ylang-Ylang heavy. This fragrance was made for those who need a feminine, woody scent that is an easy reach on most days.

Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss
Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss

Pacific Rock Moss

Notes: Australian Coastal Moss, Italian Lemon, French Sage, Egyptian Geranium, American Cedarwood from Virginia

Longevity and Projection: 8.5 hours – Knock Your Socks Off

By far my favourite fragrance yet, Pacific Rock Moss is a uber-fresh fragrance that has tantalizing citrus’ and invigorating florals. Off the top, you pick up the characteristics of a green fragrance. The Moss and Sage project a natural accord that reminds me of incense.

From there, Lemon seeps beyond your nose and into your brain, transporting you to a long, event-filled day on the coast. Once the festivities of the day conclude, you become relaxed. The scent transcends you into a state of calm. You may notice that your heart stops racing and your breath slows down with each exhale.

Throughout its journey on your skin, Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss slowly becomes your best friend. It’s ready to take on any adventure that the day may present. Although, it’s also just as happy to accompany you on the journey to your favourite chair, recline back and enjoy peaceful bliss. 

Desert Rosewood

Notes: Australian Desert Rosewood, Sicilian Mandarin, Indian Cardamom, Benzoin from Laos, Vanilla from Comoros and Indonesian Patchouli

Longevity and Projection: 7 hours – Mild to Average

For me and my personal tastes, Desert Rosewood is a miss. I believe that it is a terrific fragrance in terms of its quality and blending, but the overall aroma is just not for me. For those who are fans of very sharp spices and rugged florals, then this is a scent for you.

The Rosewood accord is very prominent, which some say smells like chewed-up Rose. It blends very well with Vanilla and Patchouli as you’re offered furrowed versions of the pair.

Desert Rosewood would be a great fall fragrance as the spiciness will pair perfectly with the change of weather and all of the festive drinks that come along with it. I can picture someone wearing this scent while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte and enjoying a carefree walk on fallen leaves. 

Goldfield & Banks White Sandalwood
Goldfield & Banks White Sandalwood

White Sandalwood

Notes: Australian White Sandalwood, Moroccan Thyme, Amber, Turkish Rose, Pepper from Comoros and Spanish Saffron

Longevity and Projection: 7 hours – Mild

White Sandalwood is a very intimate fragrance that dominates the nose with Sandalwood and Amber. Goldfield & Banks utilizes the White Sandalwood note for a woody and sweet component. In this particular scent, the note also uses its balsamic characteristic to blend with spice and florals.

There is a slightly musky, animalic undertone to the scent which adds to its intimate nature. It seems as if it wants to creep up on you and once caught, sink its teeth into you. The Rose, Thyme and Pepper will wrap themselves around you, giving way to the Sandalwood. 

The combination of florals and spiciness makes for a fragrance that is hard to pin down. It ebbs and flows between different olfactory categories, living in the uncharted middle ground. 

White Sandalwood is capable of becoming your daily wear if you’re into sweet florals, spices and minimal musk. The overall aroma of the scent is very nature-focused, smelling as if you’ve just rolled around in a field of flowers.

Velvet Splendour

Notes: Mandarin, Hedione, Australian Mimosa Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Jasmine Sambac, Australian Sandalwood, Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver, Leather, Tonka Bean, Opoponax and Heliotrope

Longevity and Projection: 8 hours – Average

On the exterior, Velvet Splendour is a very rough, manly scent with many notes that point towards the outdoors. Once you take a moment to dive deeper, you begin to find slight nuances of sweetness and freshness. 

Your first met with harsh notes of Vetiver, Leather and Tonka. The trio works together in order to project an almost stinky accord which reminds me slightly of my barber. There is a slightly sweet kick on the back end which can be attributed to the Orange Blossom and Mimosa. 

As a conglomeration, and as time passes, the fragrance turns into one that deserves multiple smells right after another. Each one reveals a meagre change in the moment although, as time progresses, they begin to become more significant. 

By hour 2 or 3, I was delighted to smell a fragrance that lost almost all of its Leather and Tonka. Instead, Vetiver sat beneath all of the florals and worked to add a dense background behind the accords.

Goldfield & Banks Velvet Splendour is a scent that will excel when worn in cold weather. Not only is the aroma unique, but it is quite the intoxicating scent which is terrific for date nights or evenings out in a small group.

Blue Cypress

Notes: Australian Blue Cypress, Bulgarian Lavender, Indonesian Patchouli, Indonesian Clove and Indian Star Anise

Longevity and Projection: 6.5 hours – Packs A Punch

Blue Cypress is a terrific aquatic scent and is quite frankly a great way to complete this discovery set. The fragrance gives me the same aquatic vibe as Zoologist Seahorse, although Blue Cypress has better sea-like qualities.

You can somehow taste the saltiness with every smell and the overall aroma reminds me of an ocean’s breeze which burrows itself into your nose. The fragrance evokes a joyous feeling as its sweet aromas pair with woodiness and slight zestiness. 

Blue Cypress has the characteristics of a scent that belongs in your summer rotation. It projects very well for an aquatic scent and has enough stamina to last you an entire day at the beach! 

The fragrance is near the top of my “best summer fragrances” list as its freshness and aromatic characteristics can simply not be beaten.

Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods
Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods

Bonus: Silky Woods 

Notes: Australian Tropical Agarwood, Cinnamon from Ceylon, Tobacco Leaves, Ylang-ylang from Madagascar, Tahitian Vanilla, Australian Sandalwood and Incense

Longevity and Projection: 9 hours – Above Average

Although it does not come in the discovery set, Goldfield & Banks sent me a separate sample of Silky Woods, the first fragrance in the Botanical Series. After some testing and a few days of wearing the scent, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a litre of this stuff!

The combination of Oud, Tobacco Leaves and Vanilla may be one of the best yet. The Oud has a very woodsy characteristic, leaning on the more sweet and fresh side of the note. Tobacco still adds density to the scent, although it carries a sweet undertone as well.

The Vanilla note is extremely potent, showcasing the note’s ability to be sugary and rugged all at the same time. Silky Woods is a provocative scent that must be worn on nights when seduction is the main focus.

Altogether, the fragrance is woodsy and sweet with slightly fresh nuances and spice. Silky Woods shares similar notes with Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, which is looked at as the elite of the elite when it comes to Tobacco scents. 

In my opinion, Silky Woods is the better fragrance when compared side by side. The Tobacco accord seems to be more natural and the Vanilla airs on the side of gourmand sweetness, which I enjoy.

My Final Thoughts on Goldfield & Banks

Goldfield & Banks is a terrific house. Like I mentioned in the introduction, their fragrances are great at what they are designed to do. The use of Australian-based ingredients allows the fragrance to be extremely unique, which is difficult in the fragrance game.

If I were to add three bottles to my collection, I would go out and grab Pacific Rock Moss, Silky Woods and Bohemian Lime. The brand’s strongest scents tend to be the ones that utilize the most floral notes. Oftentimes, they are native to Australia or grow locally at the very least.

Have you tried Goldfield & Banks before? Let us know which fragrance you would like to try in the comments below!

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