issey miyake noir ambre fragrance for men
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Hidden Gems Vol. 12: Issey Miyake Noir Ambre

This is the 12th hidden gem we reviewed, as well as the 3rd from one my favorite designers, Issey Miyake. We talked about Issey Miyake Or Encens before, and stated that it was one of two limited editions released in Issey Miyake’s special packaging. Now, it is time we talked about my favorite among the two, namely the famous Noir Ambre.

Issey Miyake Noir Ambre is, by definition, a warm and spicy oriental. It is mainly centered on one of the most elegant Ambers I have come across. It was released in 2016 as a special edition. Christophe Raynaud is the genius behind the marvel.

When I review any perfume, I usually have three criteria I go by, quality of smell, performance and pricing. If a fragrance ticks two of these boxes, it falls under my recommendation list. Surprisingly enough, Noir Ambre hits all the marks. It starts off with sexy nutmeg, wild saffron along with some hints of cinnamon, establishing one exciting entrance.

Join us for another Hidden Gem discussion and review of one of Issey Miyake’s treasured creations.

The heart blends some earthy and woody notes of vetiver and cedar which steadies the pace of before turning too harsh or oriental. The dry down introduces the key player in this release, the amber, accompanied with some sweet vanilla and mysterious tonka beans. The latter gives the fragrance its dark vibes and adds to Noir Ambre’s mystery.

issey miyake noir ambre fragrance for men

The performance of Noir Ambre is pretty solid. It lingers on and on for days in terms of longevity. It projects very well for almost the first 4 or 5 hours with very good sillage. It is best used in the cold nights of winter. I was born and raised in the Middle East, which makes me quite familiar with oriental perfumes. A lot of these Orientals smell pretty cheap or redundant. However, that is not the case with Noir Ambre which is a testament to its elegance and sophistication.

issey miyake noir ambre fragrance for men

I also think that it garners most people’s compliments since is not too animalic or harsh but rather warm and cozy.

Have you tried Noir Ambre? Do you think it earned its Hidden Gem status? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.