Issey Miyake Or Incense
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Hidden Gems: Issey Miyake Or Encens, a Japanese themed incense

Let the second round of our hidden gems begin. Issey Miyake L’eau d’issey pour Homme Or Encens is tonight’s renowned contender. I always believed Issey Miyake walk a different path where they magically blend their creations. Or Encens is no exception. The insightful Christophe Raynaud bedazzled us with this prodigious marvel in 2017. He presented Or Encens in a divergent packaging which reflects niche quality. This unassociated packaging was preceded only by his other marvelous creation, Noir Ambre.

Issey Miyake Or Encens
Issey Miyake Or Encens

Now, to dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘t’s, this perfume is not for everyone, and it certainly is polarizing. Or Encens opens up with a prominent animalic/ dirty note. This is probably the scarily dirty cumin mixed with some unobtrusive roses. These roses, though muted, play an important yet unostentatious role in keeping the animalic vibe of our fragrance subjugated and manageable.

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Issey Miyake Or Encens

In the heart, the incense gets acquainted with the young leather which is yet to become a gentleman. The dry down settles on many basic notes. Now, the leather establishes its presence as a fully grown gentleman, along with the cozy amber wood, the smokey incense and the woody sandalwood.

Or Encens is a very distinctive yet grim fragrance. It is not a fragrance that you would smell and say “Oh, I know this fragrance…” The black box alongside the black bottle are not here to crack a joke or a smile. It certainly is a fragrance that you would wear to a funeral, a high-stakes business meeting, or wear when you have a meeting with the godfather himself, Marlon Brando.

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In terms of longevity, the fragrance lingers on and on. As for the sillage, it will get you noticed within the first two hours but then sits close to the skin. A note worth mentioning is that this perfume comes from the same planet as Louis Vuitton’s Ombre Nomade. It does not really resemble it, however, the same DNA is present in both fragrances, and they evoke the same senses.

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To sum things up, Issey Miyake L’eau d’issey pour Homme Or Encens is an original dark woody leathery fragrance with excellent longevity and above-average sillage. It is gloomy and can be worn easily in formal or mournful situations. Or Encens is very well-priced for its quality, and I can most assuredly call it a hidden gem.

Tell me your thoughts about Or Encens. Do you think it is worthy of being called a hidden gem? What other hidden gems do you think are out there? Kindly share your thoughts with me in the comments.