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Mercedes Benz Club Black Full Review: A Hidden Gem in The World of Perfumery

our hidden gems series must really address this one, today we have one hidden gem that is very mass-pleasing and cheap as well, but only in the price tag category. I’m talking about Mercedes Benz club black. Mercedes Benz is a Global Car manufacturer and their cars have always been marked with premium quality.

Mercedes delved into the perfumery business a while ago, and apparently the heads at Mercedes are not just good with making luxury cars, they also know a thing or two about fragrance making. They have some amazing fragrance creations. One of which is today’s guest of honor, Mercedes Benz Club Black.


To start off, the most notable detail about Mercedes Benz Club Black is its marvelous bottle design. If you flip it to the side, it resembles a sports car with eye-catchy, tinted orange glass on the side. The atomizer is also implicit in the bottle itself. It is a design choice that brings more attention to the passion made into this release.

The fragrance starts with some fresh philanthropic bergamot with a warm and relaxing heart thanks to some Jasmine and incense. The dry down is pleasantly cozy with vanilla taking center stage along with the benzoin and golden woods.

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Mercedes Benz is very safe in terms of mass-appeal and it does not contain any animalic or dirty notes. It is as smooth as they come and you can easily get addicted to it, just keep in mind that you have to wear it on colder nights. The scent may get quite cloying in the hot weather.

Mercedes Benz Club Black
Mercedes Benz Club Black

There are two note-worthy remarks that I need to say about this release. The first is that the perfume’s performance is decent in terms of longevity and sillage, however, it is one of those fragrances which you can easily go nose blind to it. Unfortunately, I could only smell it for a few minutes after spraying, but I get compliments on it hours afterwards. The other remark is that the fragrance is quite similar and comparable to elusive Guerlain’s Renowned Spiritueuse Double vanilla. Mercedes Benz Club Black is a great value for money and is truly worthy of being called a hidden gem.

Tell us about your experience with Mercedes Benz Club black if you have any. Do think it is worthy of being called a hidden gem? Share with us your thoughts in the comments.