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Hidden Gems: Moschino Toy boy, Live up to the Name

Hidden gems are quite captivating, be it a new restaurant, a value-for-money car, or, in the case of our subject matter, a truly magnificent perfume.

Between Niche and designer perfumes, I own more than three hundred releases, or got the chance to try another couple of hundreds. Nevertheless, some of these perfumes are extraordinarily priced for their value. I personally believe that a portion of fragrance lovers are biased towards extravagant brands and price tags. Having said that, there are some perfumes that would be bought for a much higher price if only they were branded as such. These hidden gems are truly worthy of being called niche juice in a designer’s bottle.

Moschino Toy boy
Moschino Toy boy

This series of articles I’m writing is all about these perfumes that can be classified as hidden gems in my humble point of view. They are perfumes which I personally regard as great value for money, or perfumes that would have been overhyped if only they were fathered by a Niche brand.

Moschino Toy boy Review

The first in this series is, the controversially named, Toyboy by Moschino. I would like to draw your attention to a certain wayward perspective that would play an important role, not only in understanding this fragrance, but other fragrances as well. There is a distinction between playful fragrances and feminine ‘for him’ fragrance. That is quite an amateur mistake that a lot of frag heads unknowingly fall in.

‘For him’ fragrances that are based on florals like rose, iris or jasmine are usually misjudged accordingly. Be that as it may, we wear perfumes as a representation of our characters, or as the way we perceive ourselves in the eyes of others, and there is a perfume for everyone and every character.

Moschino Toy boy

Moschino Toy boy is a seductive rose and pink pepper-based male fragrance. The name toy boy refers to a young playboy who attracts and is attracted to older ladies. That wild spirit of untamed youth certainly highlights the main vibe of this fragrance and it is, most likely, not your everyday masculine vibe. The name sparks an image of a smooth manstress with sharp and daring looks, inviting smile and an athletic body in a leather jacket.

Moschino Toy boy

The opening of Toyboy is quite peppery to demonstrate the masculine entrance. The tempting rose is there as the key player in this perfume and trust me on this, it’s not your everyday rose and it is there throughout the fragrance life. The fresh pear and that elegant nutmeg combo creates a very sophisticated dimension to the fragrance.

In the heart phase, some florals pop in ever so slightly as the dominant rose note overwhelms any other tender florals. Eventually, a relinquished attempt of taming the rose is made by the classy sandalwood and the vetiver only to realize that this contumacious rose listens to no one.

Moschino Toy boy

Keeping with the image of a youthful lover, the perfume performs very well. After you come to terms with Toyboy, you will understand the power of its smell and get the compliments you expect to hear by a release such as this. Keep in mind that this is a very peculiar-smelling fragrance. It’s a ‘love or hate at first sniff’ just like all niche perfumes, so I would not recommend impulsive purchasing. Furthermore, it is also a very gloomy and sun-free perfume that you would not want to wear in your morning outings.


Let me know your thoughts about Toyboy if you’ve tried it already in the comments, and tell me which perfumes you think are worthy of being called hidden gems.

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