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Hidden Gems vol.3: Yves Saint Laurent’s Body Kouros

1981 was the year Yves Saint Laurent launched Kouros, which was such a powerhouse that it did not require a ‘pour Homme label to bespeak masculinity. In 2000, totally flying under the radar, Body kouros was released to the world as a flanker to the original kouros.

YSL Body Kouros
YSL Body Kouros

Body kouros was born with a ponderous burden and that is to prove worthy of carrying the ‘Kouros’ insignia. Body Kouros walked a different path than its predecessor though, and managed to carve its own path to flawless success. If kouros was your textbook-manish scent from the 40s, Body kouros is the scent of a bounteous warm-hearted young man.

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Body kouros is a warm spicy scent, utterly disparate from the barbershop smelling kouros, so do not expect being crestfallen by classical old-school vibes. Body kouros starts off sweet but not overly so, more like Tonka beans or vanilla despite neither being listed. And yet, that sweet and warm sensation induces a cuddly and comfortable vibe I could also detect resinous benzoin along with oriental Chinese cedar from start to finish. The perfume is pretty linear, but unlike most linear perfumes, it is never boring or dull.

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Now before I talk about the performance, I need to address an important matter, and that is reformulation. I’m not spilling any beans here when I say that, back in 2008, L’Oréal bought Yves Saint Laurent, and some perfumes were definitely reformulated. Unfortunately, Body kouros is one of those. Even though the smell is pretty much the same, the performance in the new batches is lamentably watered down.

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As for the packaging, kouros’s has seen some changes since its first release back in 2000. The first was in 2004 by the skin of your teeth, and without actual reformulations. Then, in 2008, the packaging changed again but you can take it with a pinch of salt since only the word parfums was deleted and the address was changed. Last, in 2011, both the bottle and the packaging were changed.

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Body kouros is now released in the same kouros line’s bottles, only in black. All releases after 2008 are basically the same and have the same performance.

The pre-2008 releases had great longevity and average sillage. That is why it used to be very convenient for intimate situations. It is one of my most complimented fragrances and especially from the ladies. The new formulations have average longevity and below-average sillage while retaining that fabulous smell.

All in all, Body kouros is a highly underrated gem, at least for me. It smells utterly unique, safe and tender, and for the price it is sold for, I think it is a must-have. Tell me what you think about Body Kouros, and if you want to read about a particular hidden gem, kindly mention it in the comments section.

Images sent to us courtesy of Instagram Page Scent Remix