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Highgrove Bouquet by Penhaligons: A Fragrance Chosen by Royalty

Penhaligons continues their quest to find the most exotic and unique scents inspired by different geographical locations that are rich in history and culture. Their most recent foray led them to Petra, Jordan and they enjoyed quite the success with the release of Legacy of Petra. This time however, the house had their eyes set on The Highgrove Gardens in England and with that inspiration in mind, they came up with Highgrove Bouquet Eau de Parfum.

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The muse behind the creation of Highgrove Bouquet has got to be one of England’s most elegant and sophisticated constructions, the Highgrove state and its gardens, The state stands today as a testament to the outstanding beauty of English architecture and acts as the residence of  the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Penhaligon's Highgrove Bouquet
Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet

This new fragrance was created thanks to Prince Charles’s effortless dedication to the Prince’s Foundation, which offers a diverse range of innovative and inspiring education and training programmes for all ages and backgrounds, as 10% of all Highgrove Bouquet sales will go towards the foundation’s many charities.

Penhaligon's Highgrove Bouquet
Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet

Top notes: Geranium, Lavender, Hyacinth

Middle notes: Weeping lime headspace, French Mimosa, Tuberose

Base notes: Cedarwood, Orris Fusion, Musks

As for Highgrove Bouquet itself, it is mainly an uplifting, floral scent that embraces the summers at Highgrove Gardens and all the different floral elements, like lavender and yellow blossom, with focused attention to the weeping silver lime tree as a dominant component in the fragrance. All of these go hand-in-hand with the sensual and woody hint of tuberose, cedarwood and musk, creating the ultimate summer scent.

As far as packaging goes, Penhaligons substituted all plastic with 100% recycled and recyclable paper and sugar cane eco-foam. Moreover, only organic ink was used in label printing without mineral oils. The bottle itself has this royal inspiration to it with a green ribbon-shaped bottle cap.

The new fragrance is currently available on Highgrove Garden’s official website in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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