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House of Sillage Vengeance and The Hero: Batman Watches Over This New Release

Let Batman fandom take over your conscience and credit card as House of Sillage and Warner Brothers have partnered to release a four-part beauty collection. Starring Robert Pattison, “The Batman” is an action thriller that hit theatres two days ago. To commemorate the aura of the bat, the collection includes two fragrances titled House of Sillage Vengeance and The Hero.

“Inspired by the enigmatic and courageous hero with a vengeance to bring justice to the Gotham City—Driven with passion, energy, and intensity of the glowing red aura that surrounds the Batman, immerse yourself in this powerful collection,” explained the House of Sillage press release. 

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House of Sillage Vengeance Amidst the Rest of the Collection

First off, the collection begins with a candle that lends itself to the theatrical smell of Gotham and an unapologetically bold lipstick. Both of which have been designed to fit in with the Dark Knight theme.

House of Sillage Vengeance is the first of the two fragrances. Vengeance was created in order to capture Batman’s vendetta for justice. The scent is housed in the flask bottle which was made famous by the brand. “A sleek, sophisticated design and finished in luxurious, hand-polished French glass. Infusing the heritage and craftsmanship of haute joaillerie with haute parfumerie.”

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House of Sillage Vengeance

Inside of the refined bottle is a fragrance that prides itself on having a crisp Oud accord. It begins with zesty Bergamot and spicy Cardamom off the top. Down in the base are Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Cashmeran, Tonka Bean Absolute and Haitian Vetiver. Finally, it concludes with Amber, Patchouli, Oakmoss and Musk. 

The second of the two releases is The Hero, a floral fragrance suitable for all. Lying inside of this bottle is the essence of Bruce Wayne’s courage and hope for Gotham City. The bottle itself is adorned with diamond-cut Swarovski crystals which have been shaped into Batman motifs. These motifs are then finished in hand-polished French glass, much like Vengeance. 

House of Sillage Batman Hero
House of Sillage The Hero

At the top, The Hero kicks off with notes of syrupy Candied Apple, Pear Leaves and Magnolia. It then transitions into Smoky Rose, Violet and a Leather accord. The fragrance concludes with Sandalwood, Musk, Patchouli, Moss and Warm Vanilla. 

Both of these fragrances are marketed as unisex and are available for purchase today! House of Sillage Vengeance retails at $295 USD for a 75ml bottle and will ship on April 4th. The Hero retails at $395 USD for 75ml and will ship much sooner on March 9th. For those that are curious, the lipstick is listed for $295 USD which comes with a protective case and one lipstick refill. The candle features the same notes as The Hero and retails at $60 USD for 8 ounces. 

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