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New fragrances

How to Film a Smell, How to market your Fragrance

Today, we are here to present to you something new. We thought we’d compile promotional trailers for all important fragrance releases that have launched recently. Each of the trailers we have for you highlights the strengths of the perfume that it advertises as well as the defining characteristics of the scent itself.

Armani Code Parfum:

Armani Code Parfum Video Campaign

The video showcases a close-up look at Armani Code Parfum’s sleek and elegant refillable bottle design. The video zooms in on the rotating Armani Code Bottle and the brand name, accompanied by many random shots of the signature aromatic notes found in the fragrance like the cedar wood and the tonka bean. It is a straightforward video strutting how meticulous both the visual presentation of the fragrance, as well as its notes, are. The idea was to “break the code” and they did so even in the marketing material; they did not resort to cinematic trickery, just a simple presentation.

Burberry Her Eau de Parfum:

Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum Video

Adam Driver is seen racing a horse on foot along the shoreline with the sunset stretched across the horizon. The clip then switches the view to a different scene with Driver swimming alongside his horse underwater with captivating slow-motion effects focusing on his manly physique as he twirls underwater as if it is a silent ballet highlighting both the masculine as well as the elegant side of modern masculinity which is exactly what Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum is all about, to embrace your unique power.

Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune:

Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Video campaign

Viktor&Rolf understand the mystical appeal that they created for Good Fortune. The video starts with FKA Twigs as a gypsy looking through a velvet crystal ball used by fortune tellers. The video then zooms in into the crystal ball revealing her in a velvet dress holding the glistening crystal in different poses that change with each close up as she blends slowly with the crystal ball to materialize into the fragrance bottle at the end shot. The video is accompanied by the sweet tunes of FKA Twigs.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine:

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Video campaign

The clip has a very upbeat vibe to it thanks to the rock influences in Miley Cyrus’s music used in the video. The clip itself shows Miley sitting in a flower garden surrounded by jasmines in reference to Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine. She is seen merrily playing around with her cat and smelling the flowers. The next scene changes to the beach, with Miley running around with her pet dog as she basks in the sun, a reminder of the sunny nature of the scent. She is also seen rocking a custom-made pink guitar around her neck as the clip shifts its art style into animation form, keeping true to that youthful energy that Gucci is offering in this fragrance.

Mugler Alien Goddess Intense:

Alien Goddess Intense Video Campaign

Mugler know exactly how to market their concept behind Alien Goddess Intense. The video starts with Willow Smith dressed up in extravagant clothing and elaborate makeup that creates an otherworldly image of the artist akin to the image of a goddess in ancient mythology. She walks in a fantastical cave setting looking at a magical flower bloom. Then, she is seen elegantly dancing in a stranded sandy desert as her delicate moves force many other flowers to spring out from the desert in a breath-taking showcase that can never happen in real life which was exactly the notion behind Alien Goddess, to make the impossible possible.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum:

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum Video Campaign

For Noir Extreme Parfum, Tom Ford wanted to create this implicit and dark atmosphere. The video shows a man sternly walking into an apartment at night as he unexplainably turns off the lights. A woman is then seen following him, both not uttering a single word. They move into a room and the rest is left for the audience’s imagination. The video finally ends with the man putting his jacket back on and leaving, again not uttering a single word. The clip successfully manages to capture intimacy, privacy, mystery and the magic of the nighttime in a single take.

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