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How to Look and Feel your Best at a Wedding

Weddings might single-handedly be the most exciting time in anyone’s life. For the bride and groom, this is the amalgamation of two people who are madly in love. For family members, this is a time of happiness and joy as you watch your loved one finally lock in a deal with the love of their life. Then, there’s a grey area.

Maybe you’re extended family, friends of the wedding party or you’re a friend of a friend who knows the DJ. Regardless, wedding attire should be bland and basic. 

Wait, no. It’s the other way around.

Weddings are a great way to show off your personality with subtle touches that can spark conversation and make you seem more approachable. The most important aspect is doing so whilst taking nothing away from the people in the spotlight. 

Man wearing a navy suit, with a white shirt, red tie and white flowers
Photographed by Soroush Karimi

When it comes to your suit, a general base colour of black, navy and grey are obvious choices. And there’s a reason for that. Neutral colours are the easiest and most effective to wear when playing with bright colours, unique patterns or just outright peculiarity when accessorizing. 

When it comes to building a suit for a wedding, there are six main aspects that all deserve careful consideration. First off, you have the shirt and pants. At the end of the night when everyone is drinking, dancing and enjoying themselves, you’ve probably shedded your outer layer and have opted for the bare, acceptable minimum.

The selection of shirt and bottoms that compliment will ensure that your suit has a precise base and you leave the wedding looking just as good as you when you came. I would recommend the selection of a solid coloured shirt with solid bottoms that compliment or a unique design. Or, choose one of your elements to be patterned. Plaid is generally a good option when one is looking for uniqueness.

From there, you select your jacket. Based on your shirt and pants, the obvious selection would be to choose the jacket that directly matches your pants. But, an eccentric choice may be to opt for a unique pattern or at the very least have your jacket lined with a unique design.

My personal favourite choice of inner jacket lining would either be plaid, specifically Burberry’s Tartan, or paisley. Either selection is classy, yet it allows you to express yourself. 

The final basic choice of your evening attire should be shoes. Now, shoes are a very subjective choice and the best pair tend to marry comfort and style very well. Personally, I love a Double Monk strapped shoe that matches the colour of my leather belt. These shoes are timeless and classy, yet won’t be worn by the average wedding go-er. 

Nonetheless, loafers, Oxfords and Derbys are all swell choices and are bound to complete your look once colour coordinated. Finally, you have accessories and finishing touches. The most glaring item that has been kept away for this piece as of yet is a tie. Ties are not a necessity and are certainly up to personal preference. 

Brown leather monk strap mens dress shoes
Photographed by Jia Ye

A tie can complete a classy and gentlemanly look whilst still giving the same aesthetic once taken off. Odds are you’re going to regret not wearing one, so bringing it and taking it off once photos are being taken or when things are beginning to get hot and heavy on the dance floor. 

From there, the world is your oyster. You have the choice of earrings, sunglasses, chains, rings, bracelets, lapels, handkerchiefs and cufflinks to complete your outfit. But, would this be a fragrance blog without talking about the cherry on top? No, so let’s jump into your scent of the night. 

There are three profiles of scent and persona that I want you to think about and decide on which of these you are going for. For the man who is looking to smell clean, be universally liked and not step on anyone’s toes, I would recommend a shower gel fragrance. 

I’m sure that when Olivier Polge designed Bleu de Chanel, he was wearing a suit and was appreciating the lack of fragrance in the air. To fill this void, he created a line of fragrances that consists of three flankers. All of which are stunning in their own right.

These shower gel, Citrus and Wood derived scents are the kings of mass enjoyment and simply pleasing everyone who puts their nose on it. With its use of Lemon in some way, shape or form, as well as Cedar and Florals, each fragrance brings a unique bite. The best of the three is the Parfum concentration, which features unique notes of Pineapple and Geranium. 

The next type of man is the one who wants to be sexy and playful, while still receiving compliments and not coming off too brash. For this persona, I recommend a clubbing fragrance. But, turn the sprays down to a normal day-to-day amount. 

Versace Eros is well known but, his spicy, floral brother is considerably better. Whilst the Apple, Mint and Vanilla combination has made Eros a modern classic, Eros Flames projection carries more subtleties and fascinating notes that will entice people around you. 

The use of Citrus’ such as Mandarin Orange, Lemon and Chinotto create a very unique yet mass appealing sillage once mixed with Vanilla and Tonka. This spicy clubbing scent is sure to complete your wedding outfit and wow the people around you. 

Finally, you have the man that is described in my first ever article on Ifragrance. The Badass. This is a man who dresses how he wants, drinks bourbon and has no concern about what the people around him think. He’s probably in dark colours, wearing silver accessories and has a cigar resting over his ear. 

To complete this persona, I would recommend Montale Black Aoud. This creation from Pierre Montale is for the lover of Oud, and one who can appreciate its almost stinky nature. This fragrance is distinctive as there are no base, top or middle notes. There are simply six notes and only really three can be smelled. 

The use of Oud is overpowering to someone who is smelling it for the first time. But for the seasoned nose, this scent projects a great bit of Musk and Patchouli, whilst being kicked in the ass by Oud. 

At the end of the day, this is not a mass pleasing fragrance, this is not a fragrance that was created to be blind bought and it is most certainly worn for you and other lovers of Oud. This is a fragrance for someone who is completing a boss-like attitude and can appreciate the finer notes of thick, earthy fragrances.

Don’t forget the reason why you got so dressed up that day. Your friend or family member is currently participating in the most exciting day of their life. The last thing you want is to take their spotlight and let your fragrance or outfit steal the show. So at the end of the day, focus on looking and feeling yourself, without being flashy.

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