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Hugo Jeans by Hugo Boss: A Rebellious Freedom

Hugo Boss has created a decent number of hits over the years. From the original Hugo to Boss Bottled and The Scent Private Accord, The German fashion giant has created some scents that have stuck with us. Known mainly for their clothing line, they are attempting to merge the two with Hugo Jeans. A new fresh Fougere that signifies is inspired by a bold character who lives life on their own terms.

Hugo Boss Hugo Jeans
Hugo Boss Hugo Jeans

Hugo Jeans opens with energizing lime and grapefruit, which is bolstered by the coolness of peppermint and the freshness of juniper berries. A stout base of velvety sandalwood is paired with smooth cedar and woody vetiver to create a long-lasting foundation for the fresher notes to sit upon.

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Hugo is releasing another fresh aromatic fragrance, merging citruses and peppermint. I am quite the fan of minty scents and I do hope that this one is strong on that note. Most Hugo Bosses smell good, but there is a possibility that this one could be great, given the use of juniper and lime, which are personal favorites of mine. I am quite sure that this one will be popular with the general public due to this combination of lively top notes. This could be another future classic for the brand, or it could melt away into obscurity. Time will tell.

Hugo Boss Hugo Jeans Eau de Toilette
Hugo Boss Hugo Jeans Eau de Toilette


Grapefruit, Peppermint, Juniper Berries, Lime, Sandalwood, Cedar, and Vetiver

The bottle comes in a dark navy flask that the line is known for. Imprinted with the iconic red Hugo that is a trademark of their jeans. The bottle is a matte texture with a silver screw-off cap that is affixed to the bottle by a blue cloth strap. It is available in 125ml and 75ml sizes on the Hugo Boss site, for the price of 106 and 82 euros respectively