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Iberian Leather: Memo Paris Announces An Expressive Release

Parisian fragrance house Memo Paris is expected to release Iberian Leather on February 21st. The brand lives by the motto “The journey is the destination,” a testament to the brand’s creative ethos.

Located in the mountains of mainly Spain and Portugal, the Iberian Peninsula is home to picturesque architecture and vast greenery. Within city limits, visitors are treated to warm weather, terrific food and a vibrant atmosphere.

Memo Paris Iberian Leather
Memo Paris Iberian Leather: An Artistic Take

Iberian Leathers works to bottle the magical aura of the area, giving “boundless expression to its fullness and power.” The Memory bank on the brand’s website explains the scent as so: “Continental, integral and proud, the Iberian soul greets the ocean horizon, that salutary elsewhere.”

Memo Paris has not officially released a note breakdown, although a lot can be assumed from the Memory section of their website. Seemingly, the top will consist of Atlas Cedar, Sandalwood, Moss Absolute, Balsam Fir and Agarwood.

Memo Paris Iberian Leather
The Fragrance’s Muse Prowls the Jungle in Which it Reigns

These notes will eventually encounter Bergamot, Coriander, Rosemary, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley and Osmanthus which make up the heart. The base of the fragrance appears to be made up of Rose, Cinnamon, Saffron and Vanilla.

One glaring snub that you may have noticed is the lack of Leather. Although, Memo Paris has alluded to the idea of Leather being the heart of the fragrance. “Under the protection of the lion from León that graces its bottle, Iberian Leather stands at the heart of an olfactory kingdom where the leather accord reigns, herald of the Cuirs Nomades collection.”

Cuirs Nomades is the house’s staple collection, notably using Leather in mischievous ways. In some scents, the Leather note is robust and rugged. While in others, the accord is gentle and benign, focusing more on being an uplifting side character as opposed to the star of the show.

Memo Paris Iberian Leather
Memo Paris Iberian Leather

“The leather of Iberian Leather is an accord in its image, resonating in unison, brought to the height of aromatic tension, woody, deep, pulled towards an expressive trail, dense and instinctive,” explains the house.

Gracing the front of the bottle is a lion from Leon. The king of the jungle is painted in the only colour suited for royalty: Gold. Behind the image is a black lacquered black bottle, allowing the imagery on the front to project off the canvas.

Tune in to Memo Paris’ Youtube channel on February 21st for an exclusive advertisement, linked here. As of February 1st, the brand is withholding information in regards to price and size accessibility.

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