Internal Affairs 2.0
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Internal Affairs 2.0: This Celebrity Backed Fragrance is Restocked and Revamped

Toronto-based creative Anston Singh has released a revamped Internal Affairs 2.0. The release was dreamt up while in Jamaica as Singh was inspired by Ian Fleming and his ability to write many of the James Bond books while in the Caribbean. 

Initially, Internal Affairs 1.0 completely sold out upon launch. A large part of this was due to the celebrity co-sign from model Winnie Harlow and three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade. 

Internal Affairs 2.0

Internal Affairs 2.0 has a very high fashion design, reminiscent of Off-White in the sense that the branding is very literal and done with intention. The white bottle is shaped in the way most would draw a perfume bottle when asked. Only black, times new roman style writing can be seen on the stark white bottle.

A unisex fragrance based on the pure essence of desire, Internal Affairs eau de parfum redefines the laws of attraction. The enticing new scent designed by Almostguilty for everyone embodies the intricate relationship between love & conviction.”

Internal Affairs 2.0

This remastered fragrance begins with a healthy trio consisting of Lemon, Apple and Black Currant. This tantalizing fragrance continues down into Pear, Raspberry, Jasmine and Patchouli in the heart. Finally, it concludes with Vanilla, Cedarwood, Oakmoss and Musk. 

Internal Affairs 2.0. is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada and orders are set to process within one to two weeks of the order being placed. The fragrance is available in a 100ml bottle and retails for $90 USD which is $0.90 USD/ml.

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