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Jasmin and Patchouli Élixir Préciéux by Dior: An ever-expanding collection

Dior has just announced two additional fragrance oil releases to their already well-received La Collection Privée Christian Dior. The collection is already home to four magnificent fragrance oil releases that were introduced to fans since the collection’s inception. This time, Dior is releasing Jasmin Élixir Préciéux as well as Patchouli Élixir Préciéux.

Dior Elixir Precieux collection

The two new releases are going to be varied in a sense that they introduce exceptional blends of many different scents. The main focus of these two, as their names suggest, are the Patchouli and Jasmine accord. Like their sisters in the collection, have distinctive characteristics that are both rich and personal.

Dior Jasmin Elixir Precieux

Dior Jasmin Élixir Précieux:

Starting with Jasmin Élixir Précieux, its main purpose is to combine the elixir signature of the collection with a La Collection Privée Christian Dior fragrance to create a rich and strong trail. It is an easily adaptable and personal fragrance that reconciles the house’s experience in perfumery with this rare mix intensity. These two releases pay tribute to an age-old perfuming ritual.

Dior Jasmin Elixir Precieux

 As far as Jasmin Élixir Précieux’s note composition goes, only selected, noble and raw materials were involved in the blend, which puts Dior’s expertise on display. This fragrance oil is intensely floral with an exciting and authentic touch, with a highly concentrated trail.

Dior Patchouli Elixir Precieux

Dior Patchouli Élixir Précieux:

As for Patchouli Élixir Précieux, this fragrance oil also proudly showcases the intensity of patchouli essence crafted with exceptional and rich raw materials that were carefully selected thanks again to Dior’s expertise in perfumery, resulting in a highly concentrated fragrance oil.

Dior Patchouli Elixir Precieux

Patchouli Élixir Précieux is a standalone scent that can be worn on its own. For a better effect, the house recommends wearing it alongside Gris Dior fragrance for a contrasting effect and better reflect its citrusy and floral notes.

The bottle design retains the luxurious appearance of the Dior legacy. With a sleek looking, black cap and thick glass, meticulously crafted by expert design. The bottle displays a black, classy looking label with the release name written on it in silver.

Dior Jasmin and Patchouli Elixir are currenlty available at Dior official website in 3ml bottle size.

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