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Jean Paul Gaultier Celebrates Christmas 2022 With two Limited fragrances

It’s never too early for Christmas, right? I know that I just made some of you grimace and curse my very existence by saying that, but Jean Paul Gaultier agrees with their newest releases, Classique and Le Male Collector’s Edition 2022. The house normally revisits their two iconic fragrances with some festive spirit each year.

Classique echoes the Christmas season with a floral amber blend of ginger, orange blossom, and vanilla. It features the Classique bottle with its ambery toned elixir but “baby, it’s cold outside” so she has decided to don a deep red puffer jacket embossed with a gold “Gaultier” logo on the front. The warmness of her smile as she enters the hearth radiates the joy of the season.

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Santa Claus has arrived! With the Gaultier Delivery of this Classic Collector box set and stamped in gold. Behind the glass of its golden box, the essential feminine bottle is dressed for the occasion in a sensual red puffer jacket, which celebrates its iconic side.

Jean Paul Gaultier
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Le Male is the life of the party, graciously giving the gifts of mint, lavender, and vanilla to the crowd. The ambery fragrance imparts the unexpectedly fresh yet inviting scent to make its statement. As expected, Le Male also felt the chill of the frigid Christmas air and sports a red puffer jacket with the gold “Gaultier” font on it. It’s always surreal when someone shows up wearing the exact same thing as you, but it’s a party. There is no time to worry about such things.

Le Male Collector Edition
Le Male Collector Edition

For Christmas, Gaultier Delivery delivers this Collector Le Male box to you at the quay, set and stamped with gold. Behind the porthole of its golden box: a whole festive scent. The iconic sailor is back in port to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a sensual couture red down jacket, until the end of the night.

Jean Paul Gaultier
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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Christmas 2022
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Both of the Yuletide releases are housed in 125ml bottles and are limited edition releases for the festive season. They are both packaged in a red can, that is the stand for the two lines, it is then cut in half to display the bottle with a luxuriously gold font that is reminiscent of the season.