Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle fleur Terrible
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Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Fleur Terrible: A Limited Edition Fragrance Joins the Range

Jean Paul Gaultier has released La Belle Fleur Terrible, a flanker that will join a fragrance range that prides itself on powerful femininity. The La Belle fragrance collection consists of perfumes that are often marketed towards women that are powerful, sensual and elegant.

The bottle design follows the sexual design found in the rest of the range. A woman’s bust is accompanied by a necklace of embroidered roses and exotic animals. The beautiful design around the collar took inspiration from Gaultier’s 2010/11 Autumn/Winter ready-to-wear collection. “Ethnic and Cosmopolitan,” is how the brand described the catwalk-ready garments.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Fleur Terrible
Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Fleur Terrible

Like the rest of the La Belle collection, the fragrance has been narrowed down to individual notes within each part of the breakdown. At the top are Blue Water Lilies, in the heart is Iris and the base is rounded out with Vanilla. “In this wild garden, pleasure is taken as it comes… And her brand of femininity is more irreverent than ever. Let the sweet perfume of the flowers guide you!”

The first release from the La Belle collection was an Eau de Parfum concentration. It focused on Bergamot, Green Pear and Vanilla Pod, eventually characterized as a Fragrance with average intensity based on the brand’s scale. Next came an Intense version which was a direct flanker to the original.

La Belle Intense utilized Pear, Vanilla and Tonka Bean to become a fragrance that was seen as a wildly intense fragrance based on the Jean Paul Gaultier scale. La Belle Fleur Terrible meets the original La Belle at the same point on the Gaultier head scale.

This new release takes bits and pieces of the other releases to transform this La Belle flanker into a fragrance that is marketed as a rose with thorns. “Good or bad, why choose? She believes you can be both.”

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Fleur Terrible
Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Fleur Terrible

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Fleur Terrible is a limited edition fragrance that retails from $73 USD. As of right now, the website does not detail what sizes will be available. Although, if we go based on the pricing of the original release, the fragrance will be available in a 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sized atomizer spray bottle.

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