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Karmic Hues Cosmic Balance Buyer’s Guide + Full-Size Bottle Giveaway

And we’re back! Karmic Hues have graciously sent us their “Cosmic Balance” discovery set for review. A few weeks ago we posted an article reviewing Rashomon Volume 1 and 2. Spoiler alert, they were stunning! 

This collection is made up of four Extrait de Parfum concentrated scents, each of which comes in a 1.5ml bottle.

Also, keep reading to the end to find out how you can enter our giveaway to win a full bottle of one of the fragrances below!

Karmic Hues: Mahadorā
Karmic Hues: Mahadorā

Karmic Hues: Mahadorā

Notes: Indonesian Patchouli | Olibanum | Immortelle | Petit Grain | Balsam | Clove Bud | Tobacco | Violet |Civet | Amber | Musk | Black Vanilla | Holy Ash 

“Mahodarā is a warm, robust scent with a heady Indonesian patchouli, surrounded by the warmth of tobacco, amber and olibanum. The smoothness of musk, slides across with a tint of violet, followed by a sweet black vanilla, and woody undertones spice it up to linger for hours.”

Mahadorā is a heavenly scent that combines an intricate, smoky ash aroma with spices galore. The most prominent of the listed notes are the Holy Ash, Clove Bud, Tobacco and Black Vanilla. My favourite by far has to be the Holy Ash.

It reminds me of camping and all of the times my clothes smelled of whatever wood we were burning. Or better yet, the smell my knits would have after sharing a Cuban cigar with my father. It’s light and delicate, gentle in its nature but still robust enough to pick up. 

Karmic Hues Mātangi
Karmic Hues Mātangi

Karmic Hues: Mātangi

Notes: Night-Blooming Jasmine | Ylang-Ylang | French Lavender | Orange Blossom | Ginger | Vetiver | Geranium | Vanilla | Amber | Hyssop | Orris | Pollen Dispersal

“Matangi is an enticing white floral with a seamless combination of night-blooming jasmine, orange blossom with soothing ylang-ylang. It takes a turn with woody dry vetiver, peppered with geranium, ginger and orris, carrying to the end with vanilla, which carries a subtle sweetness.”

Soft, soothing and crisp are the words that instantly come to mind. Mātangi has a very fresh, easy to enjoy the aroma that has a bit of zest in the background along with Amber. The Orris note is a nice note to pick up as it adds a bit of a buttery aroma to the fragrance. 

Mātangi reminds me of a weekend walk through a garden that is full of exotic flowers and fruits. The weather is ever so perfect and your experience is cathartic and relaxing. As a whole, this scent is a floral masterpiece with fresh accords that make Mātangi perfect for the summer. 

Karmic Hues Ushirā
Karmic Hues Ushirā

Karmic Hues: Ushirā

Notes: Indian Vetiver | Green Apple | Italian Bergamot  | Orange  | Dried Roses | Rhubarb | Ambergris | Grapefruit | Neroli | Woods | Earthen Pots

“Ushira is primarily a vetiver scent. Driven with nuances of green apple and citrus elements, it harmoniously changes its course with rhubarb and dried roses, dominated with vetiver, warmed up with woods and ambergris.”

I have to agree wholeheartedly with the description Karmic Hues provides above. This fragrance is a Vetiver bomb which exploded in your nose and is slowly making its way around your entire body. Behind this is an extremely crisp and hyper-realistic apple note. 

The background continents the citrus’ alongside the earthy, very natural accords like Dried Roses and Woods. I would most definitely classify this scent as one that is on the fresher side of woody scents, with a lot of uplifting sweetness from the supporting notes. 

Karmic Hues Parvathā
Karmic Hues Parvathā

Karmic Hues: Parvathā

Notes: Green Apple | Bergamot | Berries | Pine | Ambergris | Dry Woods | Jasmine | Pineapple | Ozone | Mint | Vetiver | Himalayan Ambience

“Parvatha is an ozonic fougère that opens with a blast of bergamot, berries with pine followed by a fruity energizing sweetness. Mint and floral notes brighten up the mid and base, alongside vetiver, following up for a woody closure.”

This has been the most interesting of all of the four creations. Overall, there is a very broad forest aroma that encapsulates the Pine, Berries and Dry Woods. The Pineapple adds a nice little kick, as well as pairing very well with the Pine surprisingly.

I especially love the Mint accord as it pushes the natural aroma to the forefront, as well as pairs with the fruits very well. The fragrance is very dense and is best worn during the colder months. However, it’s a robust, rustic fragrance which suits men of the wilderness very well. 

The Giveaway:
For a chance to win a full-sized bottle of Karmic Hues Mahadorā, all you need to do is comment below and tell us what your favourite Karmic Hues fragrance is! If you’ve never tried their scents then don’t panic, just tell us about the one you’re most excited to try. *The winner will be selected at random and must live within the U.S.A.*

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