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Kilian Can’t stop loving You: The New Romantic Release from Kilian

What comes to mind when we think of Kilian Hennessy? Suave, romantic, rebellious, and interesting. The romantic charm is the focal point of his brand’s newest release, Can’t stop loving You. A perfume set to ignite the sparks of seduction for Valentine’s Day and rekindle the amorous feelings of the season.

Can't Stop Loving You By Kilian
Can’t Stop Loving You By Kilian

Can’t stop Loving you is a joint effort by Mr. Kilian and Master Perfumer Alberto Morllas. If you are reading this, then you most likely know about Mr. Morillas’ work, from Acqua di Gio to Gucci Guilty, he has created some of the most impactful concoctions in existence. Even doing A Kiss from a Rose and Dark Lord for Kilian, along with a handful of others. He certainly embodies a perfumer that has the skill set to bring Kilian’s visions to life.

Can't Stop Loving You By Kilian

Bursting forth with the floral energy of the North African Orange Blossom, which is a symbol of eternal love, the scent embarks on a journey of peaceful mindfulness. Paradisone imparts a delicate transparent jasmine aroma that feels like a kiss from your lover carried on a gentle breeze of allure.

Sweet honey appears in the heart, lending its silky sweetness to seductive Madagascar vanilla. Earthy oak moss is accented by luxurious and spiritual incense, that summons the spiritual side of love, and beckons us all to discover its depths.

Can’t Stop Loving You By Kilian

A base of labdanum cistus that imparts a sensual warmness, which happens to be one of Kilian’s favorite notes to use. Farmed for centuries from orchards in Spain, Mr. Kilian refers to the ingredient as one of the most desirable aromas on earth.

You never fall in love with perfection. You can be attracted to someone gorgeous but that’s not what will make you ultimately fall in love with this person. You fall in love with his/her imperfections and what makes them unique to you.” – Kilian Hennessy

There is beauty in imperfections and Mr. Kilian understands that. By the sound of it, Can’t stop loving You could be perfect, or maybe it is intentionally flawed and that is why he said that. Either way, this sounds like it could be a staple release from the house.

The floral and resinous aromas play a chord between fresh liveliness and seductive exoticism. A mixture of happiness and contentment, and the darkness and mystery that all love encounters. However, the willingness to push on is what marks the difference between infatuation and actual love.

The fragrance is from the Narcotics collection and will be featured in the white bottle that the collection is known for. Adorned with a gold plaque, the refillable bottle will cost 235€‎ on the Kilian site

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