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King of the Flankers: Prada Luna Rossa

The house of Prada is very well known for their clean, shower gel scents and have excelled at them for years. But in 2012 Prada released the now infamous Luna Rossa. This aromatic masterpiece has been a staple in most collections of designer lovers. 

Through the years, Prada has released a few flankers that have been crafted with different situations in mind. Continue reading to learn about Luna Rossa, its flankers and which version of Luna Rossa is the best.

Luna Rossa

Prada set out a plan and executed said plan to perfection. With only six notes, this fragrance emphasizes the quality of each ingredient without overwhelming the person smelling it. 

It is in no way a fragrance that is nuanced and will challenge you. Rather, it is pleasant smelling and unique.

The main note in this Fragrance is Lavendar whilst Musk and Clary Sage play second fiddle. The use of Lavender is sweet but not chemically which is a nice surprise as the fragrance uses Ambroxan. 

I would like to smell the Bitter Orange and Mint more on the opening but once the fragrance dries down you can pick up the trail of subtleties that these notes leave.

All in all, this is a candidate for the perfect daily wearer for every season. Luna Rossa will not step on any toes and attract negative comments. Rather, it is a simple yet effective scent. 

Luna Rossa Sport 

Prada Luna Rossa Sport
Taken from Advertisement on Shoppers

Sport is a very playful, sweet approach to the original. Some reviewers compare Sport to Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male and I can understand their comparison. The heavy dose of Tonka Bean and Vanilla in both of these scents will draw a resemblance.

But again, Prada opted for a very simple note breakdown of merely five notes. The note of Lavender can be found in both Sport and the original but the floral extract plays a different role in Sport.

Lavender seems to act as more of a floral note than a sweet note as the use of Vanilla is so overpowering. Juniper Berries and Ginger round off the note breakdown but don’t seem to play an important role in the scent.

Sport is best used when in a cheerful atmosphere and can be used for daily wear or when trying to be provocative at a club. Personally, I would wear it more so at a beach club or house party. I don’t believe that is projects enough to be worn at a club.

Luna Rossa Carbon

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon
Taken from Advertisement on The Hudson’s Bay

Carbon is definitely the real deal. It was deemed the Sauvage killer by many in the fragrance industry and rightfully so. The scent is more of a tamed, less pepper-driven version of the original Sauvage which I enjoy.

Whilst Dior elected for multiple Pepper notes and many florals, Prada went in a more metallic and fresh direction. Carbon utilizes notes of Coal, Soil Tincture “Metallic” notes in order to complete their fresh list of accords.

On the dry down, Carbon smells like a fresh dip in the water after running through fields of citrus and florals. This fragrance also uses pepper in the top notes but the accord can truly only be smelt in the dry down and the spiciness is very subtle. In comparison, Sauvage features Pepper in the top and Sichuan Pepper in the middle. 

This flanker of Luna Rossa proved to the fragrance community that Prada can indeed make fresh scents. But, the overwhelming concern about this scent is its lack of performance and longevity. 

Luna Rossa Black

Prada Luna Rossa Black
Taken from Advertisement on Sephora

The final flanker from Luna Rossa is Black. Prada, please don’t take this the wrong way … but Black is like the ugly duckling. In a line of fresh, sweet and playful fragrances, black punches you in the face and leaves you in a daze in all the best ways. 

Black is exactly what it says it is. It is a dark and rich fragrance with prominent notes of Tonka and Amber. Both of these notes are common denominators in other panty-dropping and powerful scents.

The use of Patchouli and Bergamot is very technical as they calm down the darkness of the Tonka by stripping the harsh characteristics of the bean. Instead, you are left with a refined, well-blended cologne that is going to attract attention. No, demand attention.

Luna Rossa Black is a dark and sexy scent that is perfect for date night. As well, it was crafted for warm weather unlike the rest of the line. 

The Decision

Prada has done wonders when it comes to their Luna Rossa line. As a whole, the fragrances cover a vast landscape of scent profiles, situations and seasons. But, the best of these fragrances has to be the original Luna Rossa. 

The simplicity of the fragrance allows the notes to project their full personality and tell a story through smell. In particular, its use of Musk and Lavender creates a concoction that I truly do not believe is rivalled by other colognes.

Yet I will give credit where credit is due. Sport is the perfect high heat, sweet and playful scent that is most definitely summer signature-worthy. As well, Carbon was created to be the Sauvage killer and most certainly does that. The only aspect that is lacking from this line is longevity!

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