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Knits and Oud: Your Autumn Menswear Guide

As a fragrance enthusiast who loves Oriental and Woodsy fragrances, I can’t wait for full-fledged autumn. Here in Canada, I’m blown away by scents of pumpkin spice and fresh leaves whilst accompanied by bourbon old fashions and leather. Lots of leather.

Amidst this transition, Citrus driven fragrances are thrown to the background as I reach for easy-to-wear Tobacco, Wood and Oud. The latter is truthfully a hit or miss note which may completely ruin one’s palate. But, for me and many, many others, Oud can quickly become a staple in your collection. 

Oud being decanted

This fall, join me as we embark on an Oud journey that is filled with knit sweaters, leather boots and copious accessories. Primarily, your focus should be Oud and knit as they are a must-have in any mens wardrobe.

One of the most famous and easiest to wear Oud fragrances is Oud Wood by Tom Ford. This masterpiece takes you down the path of a refined gentleman who wishes to smell reminiscently of the dark, foggy woods. 

Although the fragrance has Oud in the name, the note does not stand out. Rather, it plays harmoniously with Sandalwood, Amber and Vetiver in order to give a rich, Woodsy accord. The use of Vanilla and Tonka creates a sensational note that reminds me of cherry pits. 

The one knock on the scent is its performance which tends to hover around 4-6 hours with a moderate projection. This fragrance is a perfect beginner Oud for those who aren’t quite ready to dive deeply into the note just yet but want a taste. 

To pair with Oud Wood, I would reach towards a knit sweater or turtleneck from Stone Island. The Italian sportswear brand is known for its knit pieces and for good reason. A good portion of their knit collection is comprised of equal parts cotton and wool, with the remaining 20% being nylon. 

Stone Island showcases their technological advancements on a knit sweater in 2017/18

I believe wholeheartedly that the feeling of putting on a Stone Island piece is unmatched. Their garments are created in order to look like they’re somewhat weathered, but in a way that tells a story. The piece you purchase will last you a lifetime, allowing you to blend memories into those tightly knit fibres. 

As we progress in the journey of Oud, it almost seems unfitting not to include a fragrance from Montale. The French perfume company has a long list of scents that feature “Aoud”, with my favourite being Honey Aoud

Honey Aoud features a sensationally mild Oud which allows the Honey and Vanilla to shine through. The combination produces a gourmand, raw honey sweetness that is truly delectable. Its use of floral notes and Spices seeps through in a supportive role, which helps project the sweet and woodsy accords. 

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Montale Honey Aoud

Along with this polished Oud fragrance, I would head over to Korea and grab a few pieces from Recto. The companies name is defined in English and French as the right-hand page of a book or front of a sheet of paper. Their menswear designs, along with the rest of their collections, commemorate the beginning of a story.

The brand reinvents contemporary garments in a way that is seen as convenient and creative. Their knit turtlenecks are as thick as they come, composed of 50% wool, 45% nylon and 5% cashmere. For a more artisanal look, their basic round-neck sweaters will do the trick. All of their pieces fit a minimal aesthetic but are produced with premium quality. 

The last stop on our Oud journey is my favourite Oud fragrance right now. I received this bottle as a freebie from a purchase that I made on a Facebook group. Since I acquired the tester, I’ve contemplated buying a full bottle as the scent has accompanied me on many intimate nights out. 

Kisses Rain by Renier begins with a powdery, woodsy accord which I attribute to the Oud, Amber and Musk. As the scent dries down, you are met with a sweet, milky succulence due to the unique Almond note and Vanilla. Finally, the scent opens a floral accord that mixes beautifully with the pre-existing sweetness and woods. 

Truly, this scent is dreamy in every way possible and a must-have as a go-to Oud fragrance. This scent is fairly simple to digest but will be much more appreciated if one already has prior knowledge of Oud. 

This autumn will be easily maneuverable when you’re wearing light Ouds and heavy knits. Feel free to do your own research and find garments that are within your price range. There are a ton of good finds at various price points. Meaning there is bound to be something for everyone.