Givenchy La Collection Particulière new fragrances
New fragrances

La Collection Particulière: Givenchy Adds 3 New Fragrances to its Roster

Givenchy have added three new fragrance to La Collection Particulière, a new collection that invites you to meet your olfactive identity. Noctambule, Foudroyant and Equivoque are the titles of the releases, each of which hopes to secure your heart. 

Givenchy La Collection Particulière Noctambule

Noctambule By Givenchy
Noctambule By Givenchy

Noctambule is classified as a Floral and Woody fragrance that sees itself packaged in a stunning, multidimensional bottle. Shaped like a rectangular prism, the bottle cascades into a box-shaped cap that sits far inwards. Beneath the glass is a deep, rose-coloured juice.

“After the stroke of midnight, Noctambule reveals a dark and mysterious side in the Givenchy Hôtel Particulier. This night owl leads the crowd to the boudoir to keep the party going until dawn.”

– Givenchy Description

At the top, Noctambule opens with Rose Centifolia from Grasse Infusion and Essence. Down in the heart is Papyrus and the base concludes with Malaysian Oud Essence. 

The Centifolia Rose in Noctambule is delicately hand-picked during May, with each petal delivering its classic aroma through essence and infusion. “Beyond this elegant floral facet, the silage unveils an enigmatic scent, associating daring rose with the earthy notes of the Papyrus Roots accord. This is wrapped in the richest Malaysian Oud to reveal animalic and woody notes,” says the description from Givenchy. 

Givenchy La Collection Particulière Foudroyant

Foudroyant By Givenchy
Foudroyant By Givenchy

Givenchy Foudroyant “opens the door to the secret apartment in the Givenchy Hôtel Particulier and scans the guests with a piercing gaze. “If looks could kill” makes perfect sense, and each glance is a tempting invitation to discover the house’s mysteries,” says Givenchy in their description of the scent. 

Similar to Noctambule, Foudroyant is bottled in a rectangular prism-shaped package. This time, caramel-coloured juice reflects through the glass bottle, visually exposing you to its olfactive beauty.

This Amber and Aromatic fragrance opens with the Essence of Cedar Leaf which has been harvested in Canada. Givenchy utilizes a note called Amber Balm in the heart which is a concoction made up of Tolu Balm and Labdanum. Finally, Malaysian Oud Essence concludes the base.

Made in Givenchy’s Ateliers, Foudroyant “combines supreme elegance with the most intense addiction. Aromatic notes of Cedar Leaf merge with a mysterious, woody depth.”

Givenchy La Collection Particulière Equivoque

Équivoque By Givenchy
Équivoque By Givenchy

The third part of this release is Equivoque, a Spicy and Woody fragrance that is crafted for distinction. It follows the same rectangular prism shape as its counterparts, substituting rose and caramel-coloured juice for golden whiskey. 

La Collection Particulière Equivoque opens with Guatemalan Cardamom Essence while Virginia and Atlas Cedar Wood Essence dance around in the heart. Down in the base, Bangladesh Assam pairs with Malaysian Oud Essence.

“Delicately harvested by hand, Cardamom is one of the most precious spices. Its pungent essence is obtained by steam distillation of dried seeds, in a sustainable process. It is contrasted with Assam Oud in this spicy eau de parfum, whose elegantly woody and extremely ambery fragrance is harnessed through the precise savoir-faire of experienced Master Distillers.”

– Givenchy Description

These new releases from Givenchy are all concentrated as Eau de Parfum Intense and are equipped with an atomizer. Similar to the rest of La Collection Particulière, the fragrances are available in 100ml bottles and retail for $315 USD.