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Dusita La Rhapsodie Noire: A Modern Fougere

The Parisian house of Dusita has announced their 14th release, La Rhapsodie Noire. Under the guidance and remarkable talent of the perfumer Pissana Umavijani, Dusita has often merged east and west with Pissana’s Thai heritage and driven by her Parisian home. That time she melds east and east, mainly French and American, to create a Fougere for the contemporary fragrance aficionado.

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“One evening, I was crossing the Pont-Neuf; as I was listening to “Rhapsody in Blue”, I paused to take a look around me: even more so at night, Paris seems to have kept its fabled charm unaltered in time. My imagination was fuelled by images and sensations of the “City of Light”; in the 1920s.

Right there and then, I decided to create a fragrance dedicated to Paris of “Les Années Folles”, a time of extraordinary energy and creativity. A nocturnal, vibrant scent reflecting timeless elegance, pulsating vitality, and artistic freedom, through a combination of rum coffee, sophisticated florals, and sweetly-toned earthy notes. A variation of the classic fougère theme, enriched with gourmand tones. As a nod to the music and the night that inspired me, I named it LA RHAPSODIE NOIRE.”  – Pissara Umavijani

“Sipping coffee with rum at a Parisian night club of the 1920s, watching French and American performers alternate on stage.” – Dusita

Dusita La Rhapsodie Noire
Dusita La Rhapsodie Noire


Top: French Lavender and Sage

Heart: Broom, Mimosa, Coffee, Rum, and Jasmine

Base: Tonka, Oak, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Madagascan Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Vetiver

La Rhapsodie Noire is available on the official European site housed in the signature Dusita bottle with its minimalist and classy style, and the golden touch of a metal cap to add some elegance to it.

50ml – 150€
100ml – 220€
Travel Spray 3×7.5ml – 85€
2.5ml Sample- 4.5€