L'Air du Temps x Antoinette Poisson
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Nina Ricci Announces The Release of L’Air du Temps x Antoinette Poisson

L'Air du Temps x Antoinette Poisson
L’Air du Temps history

L’Air du Temps is a women’s perfume by the French fashion house, Nina Ricci. The scent was created in 1948 by French perfumer Francis Fabron and designed by French Jeweller and bottle designer René Lalique.

The fragrance was created as an ode to Happiness at the end of the war and was represented as a slogan of freedom and joy.

“Women who had worked in munitions and associated wartime enterprises, in particular, needed hope, joy, and soothing promises after WWII. They yearned for their old femininity and hoped to restore romance in their lives. Perfumes had strong, rich, heavy smells during the period, and they had become overly severe and formal, reflecting the war environment.”

L'Air du Temps x Antoinette Poisson
L’Air du Temps x Antoinette Poisson

In 2021, Nina Ricci unveiled a new interpretation of the iconic fragrance in cooperation with the Parisian studio, Antoinette Poisson. Created by Master Perfumer Calice Becker, the new limited-edition fragrance featured notes of yuzu, Pink pepper, Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood and Musk.

Parisian studio Antoinette Poisson,
Parisian studio Antoinette Poisson

Antoinette Poisson’s bottle creation was a piece of art. She adorned the bottle with yellow and white colour representing doves and gardens in the Toile de Jouy style, displaying the delicacy and sensuality of the Maison Nina Ricci.

L'Air du Temps x Antoinette Poisson
L’Air du Temps x Antoinette Poisson

“In a limited edition, Nina Ricci’s most emblematic bottle is dressed in immaculate white, evoking porcelain. A bright tone on which two graceful doves drew in blue ink perch, inspired by the toiles de Jouy. The Eau de Toilette of this short-lived edition is a creamy floral perfume created with the same feeling of freedom, delicacy and joie de vivre as the original L’Air du Temps,” describes the team as revistavpc.es.

The New 2022 Limited edition L’Air du Temps x Antoinette Poisson will be available starting from April in a 50ml bottle, Priced at $95 USD.

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