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Le Labo Geranium 33: A Limited Release Reimagined

Le Labo has had their share of hits in the past few years, and the brand is releasing one of its limited fragrances once again, but in new colors. Geranium 30 was limited to 100 bottles worldwide, so this release won’t be quite as limited. However, this iteration will only be available in the Middle East, including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. That still isn’t too bad considering Dubai is the hottest tourist spots with their innate flair for opulence. Geranium 33 is set to be a year-round release in these countries.

Le Labo Geranium 33
Le Labo Geranium 33

Geranium 33 boasts a different scent profile than its older sibling. While both are geranium-based scents and pull upon its cool spiced freshness, Geranium 30 boasts a more spice-laden scent profile while the newer Geranium 33 focuses more on a floral earthy profile. While Geranium 30 used the signature geranium, it bolstered the lovely flower with jasmine, pink pepper, and Indian long pepper, which contributed to the spiciness of the scent, adding to what geranium already brings.

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Geranium 33 draws upon the Middle East’s love affair with rose, which I can’t fault them for. Rose and I have quite a fling going on as well! The scent bursts forth with the lively top note of bergamot, which the brand adores in their creations, that is given spicy depth by black pepper.

The heart of geranium bourbon provides an intense metallic rosy aroma, which is caused by the high amounts of rose oxide contained within the raw ingredient. That is carried a step further with the beautifully orange-hued floral facets of rose de mai, which is also a favorite of the brand. The base summons an earthy cedarwood with the tranquility of sandalwood and musks that ground the scent in modern elegance.   

Le Labo Geranium 3


Top – Bergamot and Black Pepper

Heart – Geranium and Rose Centifolia (Rose de Mai)

Base – Cedar, Sandalwood, and Musk

Le Labo Geranium 1

Geranium 33 is housed in the same bottles that all of Le Labo’s offerings are. A rounded apothecary-styled bottle with their signature label, which includes the date it was made on it. As the Middle East does not have fresh blend (the company’s term for freshly blending bottles as they are ordered), Geranium 33 will not have refills available. It is sold in .75ml samples, along with 50ml and 100ml standard bottle sizes.