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L’Eau de Liesse: Courrèges Announces A New Joyous Release

Niche fragrance house Courrèges has released L’Eau de Liesse or Water of Joy in English. The fragrance is designed with the safety of the earth in mind with its eco-friendly packaging which features ingredients that were sourced and manufactured in France. 

Everything about the packaging and bottle design is circular. The box and body of the bottle are wide and cylindrical, although the 100ml bottle makes the proportions seem more even. The bottle itself is canary yellow with a sphere-shaped cap to match. 

New Courrèges Release

L’Eau de Liesse features a three-prong note breakdown with one note in each category. At the top is Neroli, followed by Iris in the heart and White Musks in the base. 

“The first transparent and luminous notes of a sparkling neroli mixed with the aldehyde accents of cristal fizz give way to a dazzling floral heart where the iris is adorned with the solar force of sambac jasmine and the sensuality of heliotrope. In the base, white musks and ambroxan, the signature ingredient of Maison Courrèges, give the fragrance a velvety and enveloping trail.”

L’Eau de Liesse
L’Eau de Liesse

Courrèges L’Eau de Liesse is currently available on the companies official website! The 30ml bottle retails at $68 USD which works out to $2.26 USD/ml. Whereas the 100ml bottle is listed for $121 USD which is $1.21 USD/ml. Let us know in the comments below whether you liked Courrèges fragrances or not.

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