chanel paris-paris
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Les Eaux De Chanel Paris-Paris

Chanel Announced the release of Paris-Paris, the sixth chapter of Les Eaux de Chanel collection, inspired by the city of Paris, the hometown of Gabrielle Chanel.
Les Eaux de Chanel’s collection features six fresh fragrances that offer an escape and invite you on a journey. Each fragrance tells us a story of a place where Gabrielle Chanel travelled, lived and loved.

chanel paris-paris
chanel paris-paris

The first fragrance was Paris-Deauville(2018) paying homage to the city where Coco launched her first boutique in 1913, while the second fragrance Paris-Biarritz is inspired by the sporty-yet-fashionable atmosphere of Biarritz, where she opened her first couture house near the casino, luxury hotels and beach.

After that Chanel released Paris-Venice where Gabrielle Chanel falls under the spell of the city. The glimmer of the Byzantine mosaics and precious gems of St. Mark’s Basilica inspire the designs of her first jewelry collections and Paris-Riviera where she built her villa alongside the riviera sea.

Last but not least Paris-Édimbourg (2020) where she discovered Scotland through the Duke of Westminster, with whom she is intimately linked until 1930.

chanel paris-paris
chanel paris-paris

In this new chapter, Chanel invited us to a vibrant olfactory journey imbued with freshness and lightness. To go through Paris-Paris is to find yourself in Gabrielle Chanel’s Paris, a timeless city, full of life, with an authentic character and a modern spirit. It is also the Paris of our dreams, idealized through fleeting images. The glamour and unparalleled style of Parisian women who spend leisurely mornings on the café terrace.

“With Paris-Paris, I created a sparkling floral composition, inspired by Parisian women,” says Olivier Polge about the fragrance that exudes a fresh and spicy rose, with a natural and elegant charm.

“What does your dream Paris look like? Paris is a real, unpretentious, timeless capital full of modern spirit; it is also a romantic and fashionable capital, which is the Paris of our dreams. “Paris-Paris” gives us the feeling of the unique charm and fashionable style of Parisian girls, like a sweet and lovely flower, but when we approach a spicy rose with a strong personality, it is naturally elegant and charming, which is irresistible.”

Paris-Paris is a damask rose with a variety of styles as a base, blended with a refreshing citrus fragrance and more fruity sweetness in the fresh floral fragrance. Finally, the bright scent of pink pepper is combined with the elegant and delicate patchouli as the back note, giving the fresh and refined rose a more spicy personality.”

Chanel paris-paris
Chanel paris-paris

The new fragrance features top notes of Lime and Citrus fruits followed by a middle note of Damask rose and base notes of Patchouli and Pink Pepper.

Les Eaux de Chanel Paris-Paris will be available starting in May in a 125ml Eau de Toilette on the official Chanel website.

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