Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert
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Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert: French Giants Announce a New Floral Release

Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert is the latest release from the house, paying homage to the rich perfume history with the Middle East. Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier celebrates Jasmine, Rose and Orange Blossom, three florals that have deservedly created a name for themselves in the perfume industry. 

Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert
Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert

Louis Vuitton’s packaging is universal across their fragrances, beginning with a cylindrical bottle shape and a cap reminiscent of an expensive bottle of gin. The grape purple juice protrudes through the glass bottle which holds the fragrance title and house name across the midsection, with the title engrained in gold font. 

At the top, the cap is a midnight black which fits snuggly above a rim that bows outwards. A Gold Louis Vuitton “LV” stamp is found on top of the cap in a matching gold font. 

Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert
Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert

To properly create this fragrance, Cavallier spent time in the Middle East, experiencing two opposing scenes. On one side, the master perfumer felt the breeze of the sea across his sun-beaten skin. On the other end, Cavallier was scorched by the everlasting sun and felt the rising heat of sand beneath his feet. 

This floral, woody fragrance is described as unisex by the house, featuring a few staple Louis Vuitton notes. It begins with decadent Honey and spicy Cinnamon at the top. Leading into the heart are the three classic floral notes: Jasmine, rose and Orange Blossom. Finally, it wraps up with Oud, musky Ambrette and Ambroxan. 

Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert
Louis Vuitton Fleur du Désert

Unfortunately, there is no information as of right now in regards to potential bottle sizing and prices. As far as previous Louis Vuitton releases have gone, 100ml tends to retail around $350 USD and 200ml should retail around $530 USD.

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