Love dont be Shy Amber and Oud
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Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy Special Blend 2023 Amber & Oud: The Newest Interpretation of Love

Okay, that title was a mouthful. Luckily, Kilian only puts two ingredients for his Special Blend names, or else I might have been here all night trying to think of something. Regardless of my silly charades, The Parisian paramount has announced its newest limited edition of its signature scent, Love don’t be shy with the added power of amber and oud.

Love Don't Be Shy Amber and Oud
Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy Special Blend 2023

This year’s entry opens up with that sweet, yet fresh orange blossom that merges into intoxicating Bulgarian rose, with the signature marshmallow accord that catapulted the original into stardom. They are joined by the seductively resinous trail of amber and the mysterious allure of an oud accord.

Love Don't Be Shy Amber and Oud

Amber & Oud are sure bets if you want to make an already seductive perfume even more enticing. Resinous materials always bring about a spirituality that is both sexy in a primal way, yet also pensive and intricate. Kilian knows how to seduce the senses with his perfume, as his motto “Perfume as Art” is interpreted by me, the art of seduction is not haughty and sloppy. It slowly enters your mind and entrances your soul, and that is what Mr. Kilian has mastered, at least in his visions that he relays to the perfumers.

Love don't be Shy Amber and Oud Special Blend 2023 by kilian

Notice that the oud is noted as an “oud accord”, which means it’s not pure oud. I just wanted to point that out. While there could be real oud featured in an oud accord, oud purists might not like this one if they go in expecting a rose oud scent with only authentic oud. That doesn’t mean that oud accords are bad. I have smelled many authentic oud attars and synthetic varieties, both can be gorgeous when they are done properly, which Calice Becker certainly knows how to use. 

Notes – Orange Blossom, Rose Essence, Oud, Amber, Akigalawood, and Marshmallow

Love don't be Shy Amber and Oud Special Blend 2023 by kilian

The fragrance boasts the white bottle that also houses the original Love don’t be shy, with “Special Blend” being below the plaque, and an Arabic script that says, “Amber & Oud”. It is currently available at Harvey Nichols for £290.00 for 50ml.