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Mancera Black Intensitive Aoud Full Review: Is This Oud Intense?

Oud has been a prominent fixture in the fragrance world for a little more than a decade. So much so that perfume houses oftentimes seem to add the word “oud” in a whimsical manner to fragrance names regardless of them having the actual ingredient or not, probably just as a marketing tactic. Two niche houses that host a plethora of fragrances bearing the word oud (or aoud in this case) are Mancera and Montale. After looking over their portfolios, I’m sure one can readily agree on the multiple times this word appears.

Mancera Black Intensitive Aoud 1
Black Intensitive Aoud

One such fragrance is Black Intensitive Aoud from Mancera, with Pierre Montale being the perfumer. This fragrance was launched in 2008.

So, does this fragrance contain oud? Let’s find out. The initial accord of Black Intensitive is quite spicy and fruity, an amalgamation of pepper, cloves, and juicy peach. It is quite dense and heady as saffron soon joins the fray with its syrupy, floral sweetness. Riding on this piquant cloud of fruity sweetness are more florals in the form of rose, jasmine, and violet.

Mancera Black Intensitive Aoud
Mancera Black Intensitive Aoud

These tones add a layer of richness to the overall composition, but remain smooth and balanced, with no single one dominating the others. But ever so gradually, an interesting accord resembling the aroma of a Turkish delight emerges. It is rosy, sweet, with the gourmand touches of spices and the powdery touch of violet, an allusion to the powdered sugar these candies are usually dusted in.

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Mancera Black Intensitive Aoud

There is also a bit of spiciness coming from the sandalwood and gurjan balsam which becomes more evident in the dry down along with other woody notes of oud and cedar. To be honest, my nose doesn’t pick up anything remotely like oud here. It is just a synthetic accord added to provide some heft and volume to the other woods. The overall dry down is marked by a spicy, fresh combination of smooth sandalwood and cedar overlaid with the lingering memory of the rose-imbued Turkish delights.     

Mancera Black Intensitive Aoud

Mancera Black Intensitive Aoud 3

In summation, Black Intensitive Aoud is an interesting composition, but it seems poorly executed as many of the notes and accords come across as being more chemical and synthetic. It is not a fragrance I particularly enjoy. The fragrance profile leans more toward the feminine side, although it is still fairly unisex. Longevity is decent, lasting all day. Yet, if you are looking for a perfume with actual oud, I would suggest searching elsewhere