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Mancera Of the Wild: An Untamed Spirit Freed

A taste of primitive freedom and embracing our primal side is the theme of Mancera’s most recent release, Of the Wild. The French-based niche house has already put forth some meaningful releases this year, such as Tonka Cola. Now they are shooting for the stars, literally.

Mancera Of The Wild
Mancera Of The Wild

“Move on, lovers of contrasts, starry skies, and wild mysticism. Light as a feather, your steps leave the ground.

The darkness becomes a partner, takes you under its wing and the night honors with its veil the slightest touch of light that wanders in. Your senses awaken, your skin electrifies. Orange blossom, Jasmine and Pachouli take you on a course towards the sky, where wild Strawberry and warm Vanilla blow you away with their sweetness. Magnetic as night and racy as Helianthus, OF THE WILD launches itself into you like an olfactory trance. After having travelled through the wild jungle with Panther and Python, Mancera presents a new chapter in a raw and primitive journey. After having traveled through fire and earth, we set off on the trail of Air.

Of the wild is an alchemical quest, an inner flight to the land of dreams, where darkness and light walk hand in hand again.” By Mancera.

Fragrance notes:

Top: Delicious Strawberry, Powdery Heliotrope
Middle: Orange Flower From Morocco, Indian Jasmine, Indonesian Patchouli

Base: Vanilla Pods, Sweet Toffee, Fluffy Musk, Haitian Vetiver

Mancera has summoned a primal portrait of air that transports you from bright blue skies glistening with orange flowers and jasmine, then they contrast it with the sweeter notes of toffee, strawberry, and vanilla to whisk you away to embrace the romance of a midnight blue sky painted with sparkling stars. A spectacle of opposites invoke the jubilance of sun-kissed air to the sweet sensuality that beckons you once the last ray of light shifts beneath the horizon.

packshot 120ml

Mancera Of the Wild is part of the Wild Collection, which features the standard Mancera cylindrical bottle with some uniqueness to it. Leaves adorn the bottle instead of the animal prints of past versions, which makes sense considering this perfume is based on nature and not an animal. Other features include a black label with gold text, a black neck, and a black cap. I have to say, this is probably one of my favorite Mancera bottles, as far as aesthetics go. It comes in 60ml and 120ml sizes.  

Source: Mancera Press Release.