Mancera Red Tobacco Reformulations
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Mancera Red Tobacco Reformulations: Are The Rumors True?

Mancera Is one of the great perfume houses that provide two out of the three best parts of a perfume equation; the performance and the price. Even though this may come at the cost of the somehow synthetic composition, I believe Mancera made some of the best perfumes out there on the market. Some of these great releases are Cedrat Boise, Aoud Lemon Mint, and of course our guest of honor, the renowned Red Tobacco.

Before we talk about Red Tobacco we have to mention some historic events in the world of perfumes first. In 2015, Parfums de Marly shook the foundations of the world of perfumery by the release of Carlisle which is one of the best -If not the best- Tobacco perfumes. In 2016, Carolina Herera released Mystery Tobacco which had so much resemblance to Carlisle but with some more focus on the dry Tobacco along with the earthy Patchouli notes. In 2017, Mancera released Red Tobacco as their own dry Tobacco perfume.

Mancera Red Tobacco Reformulations and Review

I believe Red Tobacco walked the same path as its predecessors but with a lot of focus on the oriental manly Oud and the dry Tobacco, but, we will get to that in a minute. Having said that, I believe now you have a pretty good idea about Red Tobacco’s profile.

Red Tobacco starts with a blast of elegant Nepalese Oud accompanied by a not-so-dirty saffron note along with some mysterious incense.

The top notes, however, are not as dirty or animalic as you might think, but rather sharp and very subtle. In the background of the opening, some fruity notes like green apple and white peach are flying under the radar along with some playful nutmeg and seductive cinnamon. Having said that, this background is totally overwhelmed by both the sharpness of the opening and the daring dry down.

Mancera Red Tobacco Reformulations and Review

The heart comprises with earthy Patchouli leaves and some unnoticed nuances of delicate Jasmine. The dry down then introduces our main player here, the smoky dry Precious Tobacco. The Tobacco is accompanied by Woody Notes, Vetiver, Vanilla Pods & White Musk.

To my nose, you can forget about the vanilla and the white musk as I can not detect them at all even though they are officially listed. The Oud, Incense, Patchouli and of course the Tobacco are all you will be able to smell after one hour of spraying Red Tobacco.

Mancera Red Tobacco Reformulations and Review

In terms of Performance and reformulations, some rumors are claimed that there is some sort of reformulation after 2019. Eventually, I did a hand-to-hand comparison between the 2018 batch and a new 2021 batch, and here are the results; In terms of the smell itself, I did not find any differences and to my nose, all perfume phases are the exact same between the two releases. Getting to the performance, Red Tobacco is a super resilient perfume.

Red Tobacco review by Mancera

The longevity is nuclear, I mean it could really linger for days on the clothes and more than 12 hours on the skin. This was the same for both the 2018 and 2021 batches and the longevity was the exact same and I could smell both releases clearly throughout the day, even after washing my hands a couple of times.

Sillage-wise, Red Tobacco is the type of perfume that would create a cloud around you wherever you stay. It also projects really well for the first 3 to 4 hours and I can say this has not also changed over the years between the 2018 and the 2021 batches. So, my verdict here is, there has been no reformulation to Red Tobacco, at least until 2021.

Mancera Red Tobacco Reformulations and Review

Coming to versatility, Red Tobacco is a very mature fragrance. I can not see this worn by a young boy in a baseball jacket. I think it best suits older men who like to make presence. Also, this is a winter fragrance. Putting Red Tobacco in hotter environments could choke somebody, probably the wearer!

To sum things up, Red Tobacco is a great Tobacco based fragrance with a great performance. It may not be Carlisle or Mystery Tobacco but it does a great job with much lower price.

So, Have you tried Carlisle? What about Mystery Tobacco? How do you compare both to Red Tobacco? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments section.