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Mercedes Benz Sign: A Free Drive to Happiness

There is no better feeling than receiving what you love from a perfume. Especially, when it comes from an iconic company within the world of elegance, a pioneer in the automotive industry.

Mercedez Benz Sign
Sample of Mercedez Benz Sign

Today I received Mercedes Benz Sign, the new fragrance created by master perfumer Olivier Cresp. A refreshing Oriental Fougere blend that combines the freshness of the sea and the magic of the east represented by Guatemalan Cardamom and Kashmiri Wood, with a whiff of French Lavender and Orange Blossoms.

It’s no secret that Olivier Cresp’s blends are very elegant and take a unique dimension on similar Fougere fragrances.

The company’s marketing slogan for this fragrance is #signyoursuccess, which is not hidden from the unrivalled power and unparalleled success of Mercedes. We notice that the designs have the same spirit whether it comes in the form of perfume, clothing or vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Sign
Mercedes Benz Sign

Note, the elegant design of the packaging is specifically inspired by the front ends of the Mercedes G-Class cars. This is where we appreciate the classics, preserving the past and allowing the present to flourish.

Mercedes Benz Sign was formulated with a perfect blend of spiritful freshness and perseverance represented by the Lavender and a fragrant character that spreads its success wherever it goes.

Mercedes Benz Sign
Mercedes Benz Sign

Between the stability and strength of the orientals, we’re influenced through notes of Cashmere Wood, Guatemalan Cardamom and Tonka Beans.

A fragrance for adventurous, ambitious and above all honest youth.

Imagine this elegant fragrance riding shotgun in your dark blue, Mercedes Benz G-Class. Or better yet, picture the LG-class, a version of the Maybach.