Mini Chocolate Eggsence
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Mini Chocolate Eggsence: Enjoy Easter Year Round With This New Fragrance Release

English beauty boutique LOOKFANTASTIC has curated a fragrance that smells like everyone’s favourite festive treat to celebrate the Easter spirit. Cadbury mini eggs are a staple candy in everyone’s Easter bunny baskets. Now, LOOKFANTASTIC has you smelling like this tasty chocolate year-round with Mini Chocolate Eggsence!

Mini Chocolate Eggsence
Mini Chocolate Eggsence

This mini-egg-inspired perfume works hard to reimagine the chocolate’s candied shell and decadent interior. Don’t worry; even though mini-eggs come in fun-sized bags, this scent is set to give everyone around you cravings for months to come.

Mini Chocolate Eggsence is packaged in a petite, square bottle with a label stuck dead centre. Beneath the label is clear juice, which shines through the glass bottle. At the top is a silver cap that reminds me of nail polish. Its box is a canary yellow with spots of min-eggs dropped all over.

Mini Chocolate Eggsence
Mini Chocolate Eggsence

“Sweet and unapologetically whimsical, the Mini Chocolate Eggsence EDP by LOOKFANTASTIC presents a mouth-watering fragrance that captures the scent of your favourite Easter treat in a bottle. The sweet perfume offers elements of chocolate charm in every spritz, perfect for Spring.”

Although the boutique doesn’t give us an official note breakdown, they say that the scent begins with delectable Cocoa, tantalizing the senses with rich and creamy facets. It then dives into a silky Vanilla oasis with a touch of honey. The fragrance is playful through and through with a “truly heavenly finish.”

Mini Chocolate Eggsence
Mini Chocolate Eggsence

Food-related fragrances are very much so a fad, and we at Ifragrance are here for it! We covered a french fry-inspired scent just a few months ago, and personally, I’ve been yearning for a cologne that bottles the essence of a tattoo shop.

LOOKFANTASTIC Mini Chocolate Eggsence EDP is available in a 30ml bottle which comes in the boutique’s fun yellow box. It retails for only an astonishing $34 USD. Happy Easter to all!

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