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Miss Dior Rose Essence: Christian Dior Announces a Limited Edition Release

In partnership with Le Domaine de Manon in Grasse, Dior has released Miss Dior Rose Essence. The scent is a part of the Maisons sustainable development initiative to improve Dior’s impact on climate, resources, and waste.

Miss Dior Rose Essence By Dior
Miss Dior Rose Essence By Dior

Le Domaine de Manon took a risk to devote its entire May rose harvest to the distillation and production of rose water. The task was explicitly done for Dior to “offer Miss Dior a floral water as beautiful as it is precious.”

Miss Dior is packaged in the bottle design that Dior transitioned to in the early 2010s. Beginning short and stocky, the brand transitioned to long and slender bottles with Miss Dior Originale Eau de Toilette in 2011. Miss Dior Rose Essence exudes pretty pink juice through a clear bottle. Beneath the cap is a ribbon bow tied together by a Christian Dior branded button.

Dior Miss Dior Rose Essence
Dior Miss Dior Rose Essence

Brands are slowly becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and excessive waste. Here is how Dior is combatting this with their newest release: “The Maison’s responsible commitment is reflected even in the Miss Dior Rose Essence case. Made from 25% recycled glass, its ultra-slim glass bottle comes in a recyclable case, made from 40% recycled FSC paper and 15% rose petal harvest waste.”

Miss Dior Rose Essence begins with Geranium and Green notes at the top, followed by Rose in the heart. Deservedly, the note stands alone to showcase the high-quality Rose Water that Le Domaine de Manon was working on. Finally, the scent concludes with Vetiver, Patchouli, Guaiac Wood, and Musk.

Comparably, Dior released Miss Dior Rose N’Roses in 2020 as an ode to the flower of love. The scent began with Geranium, Bergamot, and Italian Mandarin at the top. It then transitioned into both Grasse and Damask Rose, concluding by means of White Musk.

Miss Dior Rose Essence By Dior
Miss Dior Rose Essence By Dior

This limited edition release is exclusive to Dior retailers. The current price is available upon request at Dior, and the fragrance will be available in a 100ml bottle equipped with an atomizer.

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