Montale Oudyssee new fragrance for men and women
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Montale Oudyssee: Braving Exotic Waters

Montale is a brand that normally releases a new scent on a regular basis, so I am somewhat surprised that we are halfway through February with this one being the first of 2023. Oudyssee is a clear play on words for odyssey, but clever, nonetheless.

Oudyssee splashes onto the scenes with fresh bergamot and lemon with the relaxing trail of lavender. The hearts heats things up with pink and black pepper, with the added kick of ginger, The base reveals sensual amber, musk, mate, and Montale’s trademark oud.

Montale Oudyssee new fragrance for women and men

Inspired by journeys daring the southern European sea, Oudyssee highlights the ocean wind that blows through your sails, while hauling exotic spices to trade. The woody base represents the ship that bravely carries these precious goods. The perfume brings to life an idea that we only dreamed of, an adventure on the high seas.

While the scent is called Oudyssee, I have my doubt if this is actually an oud scent. It sounds more like an aromatic spicy scent to me. I expect this to be similar to Mancera Aoud Lemon Mint, but not by smell, but with the use of a very light oudy notes to form a woody base, but the citruses are the star of the show. It will be interesting to see which way the brand takes the scent.

Oydyssee by Montale new fragrance for women and men

Odyssee comes in a standard black matte Montale bottle with gold accents. I wish there was a motif on the bottle, considering that it is such a clever name. I am just picky though, so it’s fine as it is. The release will be available soon in Europe.