Montblanc Legend Red
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Montblanc Legend Red Review: Is This the Best Legend Yet?

In continuation of my Hudson’s Bay testing saga, I got my nose on Montblanc Legend Red, an astounding scent. Montblanc as a brand represents luxury, class, and exclusivity. Their pens signify nobility and elegance, only giving those who can afford the high price tag the chance to wield their precious pieces.

However, their scents are widely regarded in the fragrance community as superb overall, with fresh and clean facets. As well, it’s effortless to find them at grey market retailers for exceptional prices.

Montblanc Legend Red
Montblanc Legend Red

When looking at the Legend line, it’s full of easy-to-wear scents that tend to range below $50 USD for 100ml bottles. I enjoy Legend Spirit particularly and love wearing it to the gym. It’s super simple, refined, and gets the job done in most scenarios.

As I approached Legend Red, I was excited to see the difference in spice and citrus compared to Legend Spirit. But, before we can dive into the smell, we must dive into the packaging.

Montblanc Legend Red
Montblanc Legend Red

In-person, the bottle encapsulated the Montblanc aura very well. The red colour was done extraordinarily well. Specifically, the matte finish is what pulled it over the top. A chrome cap featured the Montblanc star logo and the brand’s name engraved along the sides on the top.

Montblanc Legend Red breaks down to Blood Orange, Cardamom, and Grapefruit at the top. Cedar, Juniper Berries, and Clary Sage are down in the base while the scent concludes with Mahagony, Atlas Cedar, and Tonka Bean.

The scent opened up with very sharp citrus notes and a tea-like spice upon the first spray. It reminded me of a lovely chai tea with almond milk. Although, the addition of citrus gave it some Christmas festive undertones.

Montblanc Legend Red
Montblanc Legend Red

Down in the dry down, the woodiness began to really shine. The Mahagony note gave off an intense, robust, woody aroma and a Patchouli-like sweetness. It paired excellently with Atlas Cedar and Tonka Bean, which gave off the classic, deodorant-like manliness.

To make up the other half of the deodorant-like aroma were Cedar and Clary Sage. They both added a refreshing and clean facet to the fragrance, adding to the scent’s likeability.

Montblanc Legend Red
Montblanc Legend Red

Overall, I would say Montblanc succeeded with this release. Was it groundbreaking? No. Was it unique? Not quite. However, it was easy to get behind fragrance with many upsides. For those looking for a gym scent, everyday wear, or just something easy that won’t challenge your aroma discovering skills, then Montblanc Legend Red is the scent for you.

Montblanc Legend Red is available in two sizes internationally. The 50ml retails at $72 USD, and the 100ml sells for $94 USD. What’s your favourite Montblanc Legend flanker? Let us know in the comment section below.

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