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My Favourite Fragrance Right Now and How I Wear it

If you’ve been reading the blog lately then you’ve heard my opinions on certain fragrances, fashion and looking presentable as a whole. Through all of these articles, you have probably gathered that I am a very bubbly, energetic person who has their occasional moment or two of being Bulgari Man in Black personified. 

Before I can tell you about my favourite fragrance, I want to tell you how I got there. As a lover of clothing, I always found myself searching for the final piece to complete my wardrobe. Like all fashion aficionados, I found myself in a nasty cycle of buying new sneakers, then needing pants for those sneakers, then needing shirts for those pants and so on. The cycle truly is vicious.

The first time I had smelled a fragrance that wasn’t in my dad’s cabinet was Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. I had received it from Shoppers Drug Mart as a sample after buying some gummy bears. From there I acquired the most generic, compliment getting scent of our generation: Dior Sauvage EDP. 

After the immediate love and fallout with Sauvage, I dabbled in Burberry London for Man and Paco Rabanne Invictus which is still my lovely lady’s favourite scent on me. After making a bunch of blind buys that weren’t good for my bank account, I finally came across a perfumery called Armaf.

The company was known for their clones of popular Creed fragrances and I was enticed as a broke University student. So on a whim, I decided to listen to members of Facebook groups and pulled the trigger on Armaf Club De Nuit Milestone.

Club De Nuit Milestone pictured beside the box on a table
Photographed by Marcus Mitropoulos

From what I had heard, it was a 99% correct clone of Creed Millesime Imperial. It was supposed to have fresh sea salt accords that infused itself with watermelon sweetness. To me, the fragrance sounded perfect. The package arrived in my mailbox at school and I popped open the FragranceBuy box. 

I slid the tacky bottle out of the box and remember audibly laughing at the trashy jewel that was stuck on the cap. I pulled the cap off which was frustratingly hard to remove and sprayed. Then I sprayed again and again until I choked myself out.

Milestone was a seaweed bomb that had a subtle sweetness which mesmerized me. It was a scent that I had never smelt anything close to before. I began to read forums and Facebook posts which were met with mixed reviews. After a few months of enjoying the scent, I figured that it was time to experience the real thing.

I got onto a Canadian fragrance group and posted a quick question about wanting a decant of the mythical Millesime Imperial. Within minutes a member had contacted me and before I could bat an eye I was sending an Etransfer in order to secure my decant. 

I had to wait a week or two before receiving the fragrance and I was petrified. It was almost as if I was meeting my childhood hero for the first time. I opened the envelope to expose a glass vile with a label that read “Creed for Metro”. 

Millesime Imperial photographed in a decant beside clay birds on a table
Photographed by Marcus Mitropoulos

The rest of the experience went in slow motion. I separated the cap from the atomizer and proceeded to spray blanks whilst filling the tube inside the decant. Once I realized that it had reached the top, I knew it was showtime. 

I proceeded to spray the fragrance on my wrist and I was in awe. It was strikingly good. I proceeded to wave my wrist in the air and indulge in a rather large whiff that my science teacher may not have permitted.

I was and still am hooked. The combination of seaweed, sweetness and fresh air fill your nose ever so pleasantly. Millesime Imperial is almost gourmand to me in ways that are not like other gourmand scents. When I smell this scent, I am transported back to the islands in Greece, eating fresh watermelon that was picked minutes ago. 

The aroma reminds me of joyous times and general happy experiences. Just as other scents may provoke memories of past lovers or life-changing nights, this Creed scent merely reminds me of pure happiness.

I choose to wear this scent primarily on hot summer days for a refreshing burst of freshness. Very similarly to how some wear citrus-based scents when they’re in need of a pick-me-up. My outfit will vary based on the weather but I love pairing this scent with two different types of outfits. 

The first is a very summer aesthetic which includes a bowling or short-sleeved button-down. Then, I pair the top with solid-coloured trousers and complete the look with white sneakers or loafers. From there, I tend to wear my matching pearl bracelet and necklace from In Gold We Trust and rings that vary in exclusivity.

This outfit is a must-try for those who are wanting to spice up their summer look and want to do so with a variety of price points. An entire outfit, like the one mentioned above, can be formulated with pieces from designers like Issey Miyake, Acne Studios and All Saints which will break the bank. Or, most likely can be found in the sale section of your local Zara, H&M or Uniqlo.

The second outfit that I tend to pair with my Creed scent is a bit more off the beaten path and is worn more so for my own appreciation. Creed is a brand that has seemingly created a cult of consumers. With their popular Aventus, collectors scavenge for certain bottle variations, batch codes and even the cap itself.

Photograph of men wearing Stone  Island jackets
Taken from My History section on Stone Island’s official website

Brands Stone Island and CP Company represent something very similar to me. They represent a band of brothers who proudly wear the badge or lens on their left outer bicep. Both companies have a heritage in Military-inspired pieces and are known for their ability to utilize creative fabrics and dye techniques in order to create garments. 

Like Aventus lovers, Stone Island specifically releases pieces with diverging badges. The classic badge features a black background with green, yellow and grey used in lettering. Stone Islands Shadow Project is a very sleek all-black and is only recognizable if someone knows exactly what they are looking at. 

Personally, I am a lover of crewnecks so I love wearing either a Stone Island or CP crewneck with a pair of trousers and either classy dress shoes or unique designer collaborations like the Sacai X Nike Daybreak. At the end of the day, I know that I have created an outfit and paired it with a scent that is wholeheartedly me and represents what I stand for. 

I am excited to see how my fragrance and fashion journey progress as I age. Part of me wants to smell something that is better and more exciting than Creed Millesime Imperial. But another part of me doesn’t. I find peace in normalcy and familiarity. And with Creed, I find exactly that.

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