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My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani: Green Mandarin and Neroli Take Centre Stage

My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani is the newest release from the Italian house. This line has been reimaged quite a lot by the brand since its conception in 2020. In 2021, Armani released My Way Intense, a floral release that emphasized its Sandalwood and Vanilla. Then, in 2022, My Way Nacre joined the line with its Cedarwood and White Musk prevalence. 

Giorgio Armani My Way Floral
My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani

Armani is quite proud of the fact that My Way Floral has reached carbon neutrality. This means that the production of the fragrance juice and bottle absorbs just as much carbon as it emits into the atmosphere. 

“Thanks to MY WAY’s innovative refill system, ingredients obtained from responsible and sustainable sources and the protection of biodiversity through forest conservation programs.” The system mentioned above pertains to the idea that customers will purchase an accompanying 150ml refill bottle if they choose. From there, all three of the My Way Floral sizes will feature screw-off lids, allowing the customer to refill their scents at home. 

My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani
My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani

The newest version of the scent is packaged in a standard bottle with an abstract cap. This release differs from the rest with its frosted finish on the glass. The house describes the bottle as “a talisman that contains all the emotion of the first meeting and transmits an electrifying sense of excitement to the wearer.”

Shining within the middle of the bottle is the pink juice, covered by “My Way” in dark blue font. At the top is the stunning cap which is found across the line. Shaped like a stone, blue marble is split down the middle by a gold band. “Metaphor of the world, the elegant deep blue cap is embellished with a luxurious gold ring, a symbol of a unique path defined by each encounter along the way,” explains the house. 

Giorgio Armani My Way Floral
My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani

My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani opted for a change in the top and heart as opposed to the base changes found in Nacre and Intense. At the top is Orange Blossom, which is a staple in the line, and a refreshing Green Mandarin. Down in the heart is another recurring note which is Tuberose. Pairing with that Neroli, a delicate flower with a tinge of citrus and green accords. 

To complete the scent, Bourbon Vanilla and White Musk work in harmony to aid with longevity. This same base can be found in Nacre, although it also contains a Sandalwood note. There is a slight deviation between all three releases although, with such short note breakdowns each change is bound to affect the scent. 

“The scent opens on citrus notes of green mandarin and bright enfleurage of orange blossom in bitter orange oil. In the heart, the tuberose is amplified by neroli oil, delicately complex and sweet. At the bottom, the infusion of bourbon vanilla joins the white musks, revealing its enveloping character.”

– Giorgio Armani’s Team
My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani
My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani

My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani is available now on select Giorgio Armani websites! The fragrance comes in three sizes: 30ml is the smallest, 50ml sits in the middle and 90ml is the largest. Each of which features the Armani innovative refill system, equipped with an atomizer. For 30ml Armani charges $54 USD, 50ml costs around $82 USD and 90ml retails for $109. 

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