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New fragrances

Nina Ricci Nina Nature: An Apple a Day

Nina Ricci is a brand that is becoming popular with the female crowd, French brand has released a new fragrance called Nina Nature that is eco-friendly.

Nina Ricci Nina Nature
Nina Ricci Nina Nature

Nina Nature boasts a 91% composition of natural materials. A natural accord of granny smith apple with its crispy aquatic bite lends itself to upcycled lemon. Apparently, these lemons are not aesthetically pleasing, so they use them for perfume instead of food. Lily-of-the-Valley is joined by singing jasmine to create a silky-smooth floral heart. A base of musk and vanilla creates a sensual base that is slightly sweet and entrancing.

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The 91% boast on naturals is bold in a world full of aroma chemicals. They claim the fragrance is vegan, so the musk isn’t natural, and Lily-of-the-Valley is toxic, so that means everything else is probably natural if the claim is true. After all, Creed did claim they used all naturals, but we know how true that is (side note: I do love Creed).


Top – Granny Smith Apple and Lemon

Heart – Lily-of-the-Valley and Jasmine

Base – Musk and Vanilla

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Nina Nature By Nina Ricci

The bottle is shaped like a pastel-like green apple. A brown cord is tied around the neck with the Nina Ricci monogram on it. The fragrance also comes in recycled packaging. The fragrance is going to set you back €82 for 50ml on Sephora’s French site.