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One Million Elixir Review: How Does the Rookie Stack up Among its Hall of Fame Worthy Peers?

In December of 2021, I covered the announcement of Paco Rabanne’s One Million Elixir and dove into the potential “Elixir” trend that may have followed. What I was most curious about was how they would fine-tune the juice in order for it to be deemed an Elixir.

Christian Dior, for example, took the most popular aspects of each of their Sauvage flankers and released an Elixir in August of 2021. By selecting the best facets of each, they created a fragrance that stood well on its own and complimented the others perfectly.

Now, we have One Million Elixir, a fragrance that finds itself amongst clubbing royalty. I was able to test the scent on my long overdue trip to The Hudson’s Bay. Here is where I saw the bottle, admired it, and got my nose on it. Keep reading to hear my honest thoughts!

Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir in an array of sizes
Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir in an array of sizes

Regarding its packaging, the images we saw online left nothing to speculate about. It comes in the classic gold bar design with an atomizer built into the top. I still find functionality issues with the bottles and am always stressed that the atomizer will get permanently stuck one day. But I digress.

The details within the triangle were very fine and well done. I especially liked the intricate designs that ran on the triangle’s perimeter. On display was the sizeable 200ml bottle, which was humongous! It did, however, allow me to appreciate the details that much more.

After peeking at the bottle, I sprayed the fragrance onto my hand and prepared myself for a giant whiff. At the top, One Million Elixir begins with Apple and Davana. It transitions into Damask Rose, Osmanthus, and Cedar. Finally, the fragrance concludes with Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Patchouli.

This might be a bold claim, but I believe that the One Million line is so hated because it’s so good to the point where everyone wears it! Like Sauvage, it’s one of those lines with something for everyone. You probably own a bottle, but you choose not to wear it in order to stand out.

For those who hate One Million for that reason, I’m sorry; the Elixir flanker is absolutely brilliant. I would argue that it’s the best One Million flanker yet. The original One Million focused on its dense, spicy, and somewhat manly characteristics while still projecting to the moon.

Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir
Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir

One Million Elixir, however, is a confectionary bomb that screams down at you from the rooftops. It caresses your skin with fruity, woody, and Vanilla sweetness while pumping up the bass through the Tonka and Cedar.

I would say that the Elixir is much more of a woody fragrance than anything else. However, those woody facets play brilliantly with the natural sweetness of Vanilla, Cedar, and Patchouli. Tonka Beans play a crucial role in tying the in-your-face, overly sweet traits with the greens and woods.

If you’re new to the fragrance world, then the original One Million is a must-try for a multitude of reasons. It’s your baseline, golden standard for how clubbing scents should be. However, those veterans and intermediates looking to expand their section of loud scents need to hop on this bandwagon fast.

Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir in an array of sizes
Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir shown in its three main bottle sizes

Down the road, I am excited to see how prevalent the fragrance becomes in nightlife. The original is so popular in clubs that it feels like the men’s handsoap dispenser spits out little 1.5ml samples every time you wash your hands. I am also curious about whether or not One Million Elixir could replace Versace Eros in the future as the clubbing king. Just some food for thought!

Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir is available worldwide! Currently, the fragrance is available in three different sizes, each of which uses an atomizer for application. The Elixir is concentrated as a Parfum Intense.

50ml of One Million Elixir costs around $85 USD, 100ml retails for $108 USD and the value size 200ml bottle is $145 USD. What do you think of this release? Could it dethrone the original? Let us know in the comments below.

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