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Open Road by Coach: An Exciting New Journey Begins Now

This summer, the much-celebrated house, Coach, has their mind set to break the internet with their newest wholesome release, Open Road Eau de Toilette. This fragrance, as its name suggests, is expected to take its wearer on a limitless journey of self-discovery.

open road coach
open road coach

The philosophy behind Open Road stems from an obsession with American road tips on the open Western roads. Jean-Christophe Hérault, the mastermind perfumer behind Open Road, wanted to capture this nostalgic feeling of being with your buddies on a road trip in celebration of the “bromance” or that male bonding that can only result from this unrestricted and dynamic setting.

To perfectly portray this notion, Coach has reached out to French Art Director, Fabien Baron, a long-time collaborator, to manage the campaign direction. The promotional art for Open Road definitely quenches this thirst for adventure. His approach to the fragrance’s promotional art perfectly encapsulates that feeling of comradery that the house seeks.

Coach Open Road
Coach Open Road

Top notes: Lemon, Apple

Middle notes: Clary sage, Lavender, Sichuan Pepper

Base notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver

“An ode to the great outdoors and adventure, this new aromatic eau de toilette begins with invigorating and refreshing notes of sparkling Primofiore lemon and a juicy red apple. An energizing pinch of spicy Sichuan pepper is followed by a vibrant blend of lavender and clary sage, evoking the great outdoors and infinite spaces far from the urban bustle. A modern duo of patchouli and vetiver, as well as the woody softness of cedar, vibrate to the rhythm of the landscapes crossed until the next step.”

Open Road Eau de Toilette will rekindle your craving for adventure and uninhibited excitement. It is a scent that best reflects this impulsive and passionate part of us, thanks to a refreshing blend of fruity notes that will immediately remind you of the outdoors. On top of that, the fragrance will include feisty and spicy Sichuan pepper to add that energizing boost to the scent as well as lavender and clary sage to further intensify that sensation of being in the open wilderness.

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Open Road will arrive in a transparent bottle, clearly showing the blue/grey juice that is highly reminiscent of the American West Coast landscape with an elaborate metal cap with the signature “C” at the base, the house’s iconic emblem.

Coach Open Road will be available starting from August on the official website in 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette.

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