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Opus XIV Royal Tobacco: An All-sensory Scent by Amouage

Amouage are known for their many innovative efforts in the world of perfumery. They always seek quality as well as novelty. For their next release, the house announced the launch of Opus XIV – Royal Tobacco, a brand new member of the Library Collection.

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This fragrance was created as a reference to “El lector”, a person whose job was to read to cigar makers in Cuban factories. The philosophy behind the creation of Opus XIV – Royal Tobacco was heavily inspired by many literary works ranging from Edgar Allan Poe’s fantastical settings to Le Miserables’ realistic portrayals. The idea was to come up with a contemporary, tobacco-inspired scent that pays respect to the raw material itself. It was a way to find common grounds all the way from Omani royal frankincense to Cuban royal tobacco.

Top notes: Frankincense Oil, Elemi, Cardamom, Anise, Basil, Bergamot

Middle notes: Tobacco Absolute, Liquorice Root, Lavender, Prunol, Fenugreek, Orange Blossom, Osmanthus, Rose

Base notes: Frankincense Resinoid, Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Labdanum, Myrrh, Birch Tar, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Madagascar, Vetiver, Guaiac Wood, Oud Assam, Musks.

Royal Tobacco is a heady tour de force, inspired by the evocative accord of Tobacco and Frankincense and the cultural innovation that led to new paths of knowledge. Staying true to the Library Collection’s original ethos, it chronicles the one instance in the modern era when tobacco (smoke – fūmus) and reading (knowledge) were linked in a collective setting

Renaud Salmon, Creative Director and Chief Experience Officer at Amouage.
Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco
Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco

The much-respected perfumer, Cécile Zarokian, worked with Royal Frankincense and Tobacco Absolute, which explains the name Royal Tobacco. Her mission was to create a daring, luxurious and modern scent for both men and women. Her choice of notes was carefully made to interpret the smell you get from high-cigars.

Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco
Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco

Opus XIV – Royal Tobacco arrives in a dagger-shaped bottle with organic ceramic in earthy Truffle and Cashmere colours. The artwork for this release was made by Louise Mertens to capture the authenticitc allure of Omani craftsmanship. The whole visual presentation of the fragrance screams exotic elegance.

Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco
Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco

Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco is currently available on the official website in 100ml Eau de Parfum Price:360 USD.

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